Monday, February 10, 2014


   This week was a pretty good week. I had a meeting in San Salvador
on Tuesday for all of the zone leaders, where we talk about the
problems we are having in the zone and what we can do to solve them.
It was an interesting meeting, there are some clown ZL's, but the
message that president gave was really good, about becoming the hands
of the lord. He quoted the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf about the statue of
Christ during WWII that got bombed. It was a great reminder that we
need to be disciples of Christ, and really represent him, and through
us, the Lord will bless the lives of many. The food was way good too!
Which makes everything more enjoyable.
   We didn´t end up going to the Ruins, maybe another week. What we are going to do next week is go to the beach!! I am super excited, it's
about an hour in bus but totally worth it, we are hoping to play beach
volleyball, or posibly beach soccer. I am going to push for beach
volleyball but most likely we will end up playing soccer. We haven't
really done a zone activity so I feel really bad, but this should be a
good one. They also sell all kinds of touristy stuff at the beach so
maybe I´ll pick up a few things there.
   Another big highlight was the sealing of the V family, we basically spent all day in the temple, and it was awesome. They were so happy, and I was too. I got to participate as well, for their son O who had died many years before. It was a very special moment and thus far one of the highlights of the mission. I went to bed that night content with the world. I had never been to a sealing before, but it was a very beautiful thing, super simple, but beautiful. I didn't want to leave the room.
   We also have a new baptism planned for the 26th of February, for
O, the 11 year old son of a member woman that we are working with.
Their other daughter is also going to get baptized that day because it is her 8th birthday but she is a baptism of the ward. There are a few other people we are teaching and we found a ton of new people to teach
this past week. So we will see what happens there! I was thinking about this the other day that I am so grateful to be serving in a country that believes in Chirst, and that has a firm faith in him. It presents different challenges but really it is quite a blessing. I have come to love this country and the people here. They are very unique and different but they are awesome.
   It sounds like things are going well. February has always been a weird month, it's super cold, and it's when you are getting sick of winter, Christmas is over and now you just have to wait till its summer again. Or that's how it always seemed to me. Here its starting to get really dry and hot, there is sometimes a slight breeze to cool us down but we still sweat a ton. I feel awkward when we walk into someones house and we are just soaking wet, but normally they are too so its okay. Okay everyone have a great week and I will write you all on Monday next week! 
Elder Schriever