Saturday, December 22, 2012

First Letter Home - Dec. 22


Well P-Day isn't until this Friday so expect an email then. I only have half an hour on the computer so if you would write on DearElder it would be appreciated. Well onto how it's been here, the first couple days were definitely an adjustment. I'm not quite used doing something all day every day, but I'll have to suck it up. My companions name is Elder G and he is going to the Guatemala Guatemala City South Mission. He's a pretty cool guy and we are getting along fine, we had her first lesson in Spanish yesterday and it was pretty horrendous, there were a couple of long stretches where neither one of us knew what to say, but in a couple of weeks it will get better. The other elders in my room are Elder N and Elder B, both good guys, everyone seems to be obedient and on a mission for the right reasons. Elder R is actually my zone leader which is pretty cool, we talk when we get a chance but they keep us pretty busy here in the MTC. I've been told that on Christmas Day we get to watch a Christmas Carol which would be awesome, I'm really looking forward to that. Hopefully this letter gets to you before Christmas but I don't think it will, I want to know how everyone's Christmas went? Also if anything crazy happen on the 20th before December 21st. It's strange being so close BYU and not been able to go there, but honestly I love it here, its difficult and at times exhausting but the spirit so strong here and I realize that this is where I meant to be. Oh, let me tell you the good and bad news about the food, the bad news is that it is basically Cannon Center food, the good news is that the people here actually know how to cook which makes actually pretty good. I love you all hope everything is going well.


Elder Schriever