Monday, March 18, 2013

Izalco Week 4

What's poppin family?
     We went to a new cybercafe  today, I think its a little more expensive but there are a ton more computers and the connection is much faster and it's easier to sent pictures so I'm sure you guys will enjoy that. We get packages/letters every Wednesday because the zone leaders need to go to Santa Ana every Tuesday for a meeting with the president. 
    We had a pretty crazy week. R A (the guy that got married last week) was going to be baptized on Sunday but his mom got sick that morning and he had to take her to the hospital in Sonsanate. Kind of a bummer but next week it should happen. He was the first person I taught a lesson to in the field and he has changed a lot in the month (holy cow a month already?!) that I have been here. He has stopped smoking, cut his hair, and really has a love for the gospel. It is awesome to see a change in someone and to be a part of that change. We had originally had 10 people committed to go to church but all of them fell through except for 1 guy who we weren't even expecting to go. A lot of our really promising investigators had last minute emergencies. we will just have to work hard to overcome that. I have said it before and ill say it again, the people here are awesome so nice and so giving its really inspiring. the guy that did come is Hermano M, he is amazing, he is probably 70 years old, and he has committed to getting baptized on April 1st. He quit smoking 30 or 40 years ago when his wife died, and has been to a ton of different churches trying to find the truth. After he came to church he told us that when he meets with us and when he goes to church he felt something that he has never felt before and he wants to learn and feel that more. Miracles happen literally every day. 
    About once a week we hike out to this colón called Tapalchucut, its really far out there about a half hour walk to the northwest of our house. It is really beautiful out there. Ill try to send pictures of it sometime. There is a lot of coffee fields as well as yucca plants (kinda of a potato like plant) the other day we were hiking out to Tapalchucut and a member gave us a kakow fruit (that's how they pronounce it ) I'll send a picture, I couldn´t figure out what it was for the longest time, the part you eat, looks kinda like a maggot to be honest its these little nut things that have this white mucus like slime on them. I had to ask my companion how it was spelled to realize that it is Cocoa! Way cool. 
     Our cocinara cooked us this really weird dish this past week, its called Izote I think, its a flower that is dipped in a chili relleno like egg batter, I didn't have my camera unfortunately but it was really good, different but good! I'm sure you will be able to find a picture on google. Also chocobananoes, its a frozen banana on a stick, that is dipped in chocolate and then covered in nuts, cookie bits, or anything really. the frozen banana cools down the chocolate and the topping sticks, its amazing and they are only like $.25 so its not ridiculous.
     This part is more for Eli but I'm sure he can explain it to you. We were contacting and this lady let us into her house. we found out she was baptized like 12 years ago and hasn´t been to church in almost 11 years. we are gonna try and get her to come back. but we made the mistake of asking her what her name was. her name is Guadalupe and the minute she said that I was lost because I couldn´t get the Killers song ¡happy birthday Guadalupe! out of my head. but the lesson went well so all wasn´t lost. 
     I am gonna try and send some pictures now hopefully I can send enough for you guys, I remember I loved seeing Eli´s pictures. 

Sam and his MTC companion

MTC district

Guatemala City central plaza

cocoa fruit

stingray, rice, cucumber, potato and beet salad

typical bus in El Salvador