Monday, March 25, 2013

Izalco Week 5

Hey Family!
     Well I'll keep you from waiting and tell you right now that the contacts came. Thank you so much! And in response to your question mom the next transfer is on April 17th. I came two weeks before the end of the previous transfer so for me this will be an eight week transfer. We had another crazy week. R A got baptized on Sunday and I got to perform the baptism which was way exciting. This email should have two of the pictures that we took before the baptism. We have two investigators with baptismal dates right now. One for the 31st and another on april 7th. A M is going to get baptized on the 31st, he is 82 years old and has been to a ton of churches. But he told us that when we met with him and when he went to church he felt ¨good¨ pointed to his heart. It was a testimony builder to me that the church is true and that the lord prepares investigators. He quit smoking and drinking 40 years ago when his wife died and now he lives in his house and is a carpenter. He is reading the Book of Mormon like crazy! In the past week he has read over 120 pages of the Book of Mormon. He is golden. The only problem is that he loves to talk! I call him the ¨Cavallo Loco¨because there is no way to keep him from going on some crazy long tangent. Our lessons with him average about 1.5 hours with the longest being 2 hours. We tried inviting him to a member´s house to try and shorten the lesson but we found out that the only thing more talkative than one Salvadorean is two! But he is awesome, hopefully I can send a picture next week. The other is Hemano U A. He is golden too, he turns 60 on Saturday and likes to talk as well. But he has a real love for the gospel and is amazing. Our lessons with him go way long as well but that's alright, I am trying not to get too caught up with numbers and worry more about teaching people. On Saturday (the 30th) we have a temple tour trip that we are really trying to get everyone to go too. I should be awesome I will be sure to take lots of pictures to send to you guys. 
     Dad we didn´t make it out to Tapalchucut this week. Almost all or our investigators out there aren´t keeping commitments or are never there. But hopefully we will head out there at least once this week and I can get you some coordinates. A member here looked at my blog and saw a photo or a street here and underneath it says a typical street in Izalco, that is about what half of izalco looks like, I have another picture I am going to send later that is what most of the center of Izalco looks like. Most of the houses here are painted really bright colors. Its different but really beautiful. 
     Thank you all for the letters that you wrote this week. I know its hard because I don´t really have time to answer  every question or to write you back personally, but thank you for writing in spite of that. I really do appreciate it, it means alot. From what It sounds like you all are doing really well, staying busy but doing well. School is almost over which is crazy to me! and things are warming up, we are getting close to the ¨winter¨ which is basically the same as summer but with rain. but I am kinda excited for it, I'm sure it will be alot more enjoyable because I have that drybag that Aunt Laura gave me make sure to give her a big thanks. We aren´t supposed to visit other websites so I haven´t seen Jake´s blog, if you could send me his emails that would be fantastic! Well best of luck to all of you love you lots! have a great week!

Elder Schriever