Monday, April 8, 2013

Izalco Week 7

Well family another week has flown by! 
      It seems like only yesterday was Monday. For the majority of this week we were trying to get as many people to go to conference as possible. It really is one of the best opportunities we have to listen to the prophet and apostles and strengthen our testimony that they have been called of God to help us come unto Christ. We had over 15 people that said they would go, but in the morning almost all bailed on us, except two. It's saddening when people don´t want to listen to the gospel because I know that It can really help their lives now and in the future. But we will keep looking for new people and try to do the best we can to help people go to church and keep their commitments. After the Sunday morning session we had the baptism of U A (picture to be sent soon) it was awesome to see. He really is a remarkable person. A couple days after we first talked to him he hurt his spine really bad, he served in the Salvadorean military during the Civil War, and I think he hurt his spine originally then. But now he is almost completely better and really has a hunger for the gospel. He is going to be a huge help to this ward here. The thing that they need the most is priesthood holders. There aren´t many worthy Melchizedek priesthood holders here, and it's hard for the few that there are to keep up with the need for blessings, home teaching, sacrament, etc... but we´ll keep trying to find as many people as we can. This Saturday we have a temple tour trip, I can´t wait to go visit the San Salvador temple! I've seen lots of pictures but this will be my first trip in person. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. It will be a great way to finish out the transfer. This transfer we are supposed to get 30 new missionaries, and they are going to open 12-14 areas (supposedly) we are hoping for Izalco II because Izalco is ginormous, but we will see what happens. Izalco has 26 cantones or small little pueblos that are about a 30 minute walk away, right now I only have been to one! There is a lot of work to be done! But the there is a definite sense that the mission work as a whole is speeding up.
     Unfortunately the only option for me was to watch conference in Spanish, I understood most of it and took pretty good notes, but unfortunately some of the finer details were lost to me. But I remember specifically feeling the spirit really strongly when President Eyring was talking, I noticed a lot of emphasis on mission work and families. It was a really good conference in my opinion. 
     Everyone here is talking about how the United States and North Korea are having an argument, and they make it sound like they are about to start World War III, could somebody please tell me whats going on with that? 
     We are living with about 4-5 geckos in our house and this week I finally was able to take a picture of one, they make a almost cricket like sound sometimes during the night, it's kinda cool! Please ask more questions! I'll try my best to answer them but a lot of times I'm not sure what to write! Well I'm gonna try to send some pictures. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Schriever