Monday, April 29, 2013

Izalco- Week 10

Hey Family!
   Well we had a crazy week this week. We taught something like 34 lessons to investigators and 20 of them were with a member. Which was our goal! It was awesome to set a high goal and then work hard to meet it, very rewarding! But mostly it was thanks to the hard work of the members here. 
    This week we set two dates with this 65 year old guy named A F-E, and his 83 year old mom T F-E. Way exciting. A lives in a little corrugated metal house with most of his 14 children and some grandkids. All in all, about 30 people in this small little house. It's crazy! He works in a brick factory, where he works with some of his sons and sons in law. We are hoping to help them fix their roof before the rain really starts. But he is super humble and really friendly, and so accepting of the gospel. Two of the main problems with him right now are that 1. he can´t read and 2. he needs to marry his wife. But those things shouldn´t be to hard to overcome, we just have to explain things really simply and get him married! T also can´t read and smokes. Apparently she has smoked for all of her life! So we will have to see if we can get her to quit. We should pass by later today or tomorrow to check up on her. We will see how that goes. 
     We also have two other people that went to church and are both really positive, hopefully after a few more lessons we can set a baptismal date with them also. They are people that we found contacting, and it would be way cool if they got baptized. We were on changes for a couple hours yesterday so I didn´t get to be there but apparently she was looking to get baptized in another church when we knocked on her door. She went to church and loved It! Her name is I M. Her daughter J is really positive too. 
     There are a couple other people that we are hoping to help progress too but we always need to find more. Luckily the rain is a great help for contacting. Most people are willing to at least let us under their porch to escape the rain. I am going to send a picture of me in front of a canal when it was raining and after the rain stopped. It was incredible how quickly the rain came down.  And this is only just the beginning. May and June are supposed to be super wet. But that's alright I don´t mind a little water. I have my boots and dry bag and that's all that I need. We have been trying to think of different kinds of food to make this week and this week we discovered pigs in a blanket. We buy hotdogs and panqueque (that's how its spelled in Spanish) mix, you make a big pancake and instead of flipping it put a hotdog on one side and roll it up. eat it with syrup and it's a delicious breakfast/lunch/dinner! I did get the package you guys sent and loved every bit of it!  You guys know me too well.
     It sounds like you guys are going to have a full house this weekend but it sounds like a lot of fun! Be sure to tell everyone Hi for me! I can´t believe that you waited until I left on my mission to start getting into woodworking! I have tried to convince you guys we needed a bench on the front porch for years and that I could make it! Just save a few projects for me for when I get back. 
     I can´t believe that our ward is going to have 10-12 missionaries out by the end of the summer! That's awesome! Would you guys mind telling me who all is going out? Anyway I need to send some pictures, I hope everything goes well and that you all are having a good time. Love you all!

Elder Schriever