Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Week Before Changes

Well fam another week has come and gone,
   It was good to hear from all of you and to find out that you are doing well. Starting to get into the reality of the school year but doing well. As for here things are going as usual. Running around trying to find new people to teach and trying not to yell at people when they don´t want to keep commitments. The usual. It's super strange to me that this change is almost over. It has passed by super fast. This past week I was on interchanges with this area called San Julian, and president had left his suit coat at an activity there. He swung by at like 9 o'clock and knocked on the door. We were super sketched out until we opened the door. Needless to say it was a huge surprise. We also had interviews with president on Friday. It is always a great chance to get to talk to him. He is a super nice guy, very patient but at the same time a little quirky. He always makes all kinds of sports analogies. I never thought my mission president would say ¨what's up¨to me but he does.
   Today we was the zone activity. We were going to go paintballing in Izalco (I couldn´t believe it existed here either) but unfortunately it was closed, because the local government was charging them too much to run it. Bummer but the crazy thing is that President Hintze gave us permission. Needless to say he is basically the best mission president ever. So instead we played soccer as a zone. Gringoes vs. Latinoes. Surprisingly we killed them in the end. It was 9-5 and I scored a goal and had two assists. It was way fun but I didn´t realize how out of shape I am. I haven´t run like that in forever. During lacrosse season I could just run and run and barely get tired but here after half an hour I was tired. We actually have been running in the mornings but it's not quite the same. I guess there will be time for stuff like that after the mission.
    Today we are hoping to buy these things called truncos. They are these wooden tops with a metal point. But the really cool part is how you spin them. You wind them up with string and throw them overhand if you can get them going they spin like crazy. They will spin for minutes even on a dirt road, you can pick them up with your hand and pass them from hand to hand. They are super cool and cost about $.50 or $.75. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes. We are also trying to look for a new house. The one we are at is pretty small, and when it rains water leaks from the roof and makes a huge puddle in our bedroom. It's kind of a pain. We found one that we are going to go look at today, supposedly it has like 6 rooms and was recently refurbished and the location is sweet. Hopefully it goes okay. Hopefully we will make the move this week.
    This past week there were a few earthquakes, they were small ones but it was still kinda cool to feel the earth shake. Apparently it was like a 6.7 from Guatemala. Who knows. Elder S. didn´t notice either of them it was pretty funny. We were contacting and everyone ran out of their house screaming, you could see the telephone poles swaying too. But nothing was damaged. So that was good. There has been a weird absence of rain this week, supposedly September is the rainiest month of the year but I haven´t seen it. It has barely rained at all. But actually as I´m saying this the thunder and rain are closing in here in Sonsonate. I will most likely get a little wet.
    This week we went kinda far away to look for a street contact that we had made a few days before. We mixed up two roads and ended up knocking on another person's door. It turns out it was a member who left the church almost 15 years ago. It was a small miracle to me that we found her because it's a place I don´t usually go. We talked to her and we are going to try and bring her back to activity. Just a small story that the Lord never forgets about his people and will guide missionaries to them in one way or another. I really want you guys to invite the elders over for dinner this week. I´m sure they would appreciate the food and a chance to talk to you guys again. I was on looking at our ward page and I can see who they are, I felt a little like dad stalking on me in college. I could also see some of the missionaries that we have out as a ward right now. We gotta get some more out there! Anyway hope you all are doing well! And that this coming week is going great for all of you. Love you all!
Elder Schriever

22 missionaries in a 15 passenger van