Monday, September 30, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Well everyone it's been a great week, 
     First of I just want to say I am way excited for General Conference. We have been working like crazy to make sure that a lot of people come, it really is a great opportunity to listen to the prophets and apostles and recieve guidance in our lives. One thing we have been pushing as a mission is going to conference with a list of five written questions, I invite all of you to do the same, we read in Mosiah 2 that when King Benjamin called all of his people together he didn´t do it so that they would treat lightly his words, he did it so that they would open their hearts, ears, and apply the message into their lives. So make your list and pay close attention to get the answer in one of the talks. 
     This Sunday was awesome! We had five people in church and despite a few boring/poorly written talks they really liked it! J. and L. are pretty determined to get baptized now, they had some doubts about getting baptized two times but now they seem to be okay with it. We are hoping to set up the wedding for sometime after the 9th of october. Pretty exciting stuff. We also had this guy named R. C. and D. It is nice actually having people that want to learn and are willing to apply the teaching into their lives. For the past several months I have been trying to get people to just do the most basic commitments and they wouldn´t follow through. It makes the mission work a lot more enjoyable. One of the zone leaders, Elder G. came and did interchanges on saturday and sunday morning. It was a pretty cool way to do interchanges I am hoping to start doing that with some of the other areas in the district. With General Conference this week we are going to just be inviting people like crazy all week, but I guess thats just part of the fun. The ward is providing a pickup ride to Sonzacate to watch the conference, I will make sure to take a picture of the way overloaded sketchy El Salvador pickup ride for all of you. 
     This week Elder S. and I had a pupusa eating contest, (terrible idea) unfortunately he won, I kinda backed down at the end because after ten they just started to taste really bad and I didn´t want to repeat the Big Jud´s experience.  He got twelve in  :( we will have to try it again sometime. One of the problems was that when we told the lady we wanted 30 pupusas she told us she was almost out of frijol, we didn´t think much about it but when you are eating ten of them the cheese and corn just turns into a huge gut bomb. But we will have to try it again some other time. Our goal was to finish all 30, but it didn´t happen. next time when they actually have a few more beans, it will hopefully go down easier. 
   Today I am hoping to make some dumbells out of steel pipe, milk jugs, and concrete, should be pretty ghetto but they will work. If not it will be more pushups and situps in the morning. Sometimes the floor gets wet from all of the rain and pushups and situps get a little tricky. On saturday morning it rained like crazy. There were a bunch of streets that looked more like rivers than streets. My boots kept my socks dry for the most part, until the it got really deep and then it didn´t do much good. I need to send an update on my shoes, one pair is getting wrecked, I am probably going to get the soles replaced soon. Here in El Salvador they don´t throw away anything. They repair and make it work until there is literally nothing left, be it shoes, TV´s, microwaves, even cars. So I shouldn´t have any problem making these shoes last me the whole two years. It doesn´t help either that a lot of the streets in Izalco are really rough and tear up shoes. After nine months my shoes look like they have been through the mill. Well anyway I hope you all have a great week and that everything goes really well for you all. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take care, 
Elder Schriever

Very unfortunate looking dog and puppy

Papusa: 1 Elder: 0

San Salvador Temple