Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10

Another week come and gone, not a whole lot to say. As far as changes go nothing changed! our whole district stayed exactly the same. One exciting thing that happened is that Izalco got made into its own zone! My district when I started my mission has now grown into a zone. It's pretty cool to see. There are now three sets of missionaries in that one ward, and they are working on expanding the chapel to make it larger. I am pretty psyched about it! Hopefully someday I can come back to see it. In our zone there were a few changes but they were all in the other district. I was glad that I didn´t change, and that Elder A didn´t leave either. We get along really well, and work well together. He is getting pretty baggy because he only has three months left, but I guess that´s just how it goes, I´m sure I´ll be the same way around October. We had a fairly relaxed week because of changes, we stayed in our own area to give everyone a chance to get to know theirs, but this week we are going to do exchanges like normal again. On Saturday one of the new assistants is going to come and work in the zone, his name is Elder R, and super tall, super goofy guy, whose brother is the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. He is super chill and it should be fun to work with him. 
   This week was the second round of the presdiential elections. It was weird to see a presidential election going on and not know anything or being involved in any way. But some of the members that we visited were pretty mad about what was going on. We got all kinds of lectures on why ARENA is horrible, or why FMLN is going to destroy the country. It felt somewhat like family reunions, I felt right at home. But because of the elections the church attendance was horrible, everyone was voting. But M (the woman that has brain cancer) came to church for the first time. She can´t read so I think it was a little boring for her, but I think that she liked it. We are trying to organize classes to teach people how to read, because we have quite a few members and investigators that can´t read and it is super debilitating. But hopefully with the help of some of the ward missionaries we will teach them how to read. On Tuesday we helped M and her children move to a diferent house. They were living in a corrugated metal shack, and the owner didn´t want us coming there to teach, but they moved to another house in the colonia so we are all good. We had to carry all of their stuff about 500 yards to their new house. It still amazes me how people who have almost nothing have a big screen tv and a nice sound system. Their life I guess. J has been learning a bunch too, he has been really good about reading, and has even started to go to scouts! The ward has started to get a scout program running here, but they don´t have their own troop yet. So this Sunday they were all helping out with the elections and couldn´t come to church. It was unfortunate but I guess it´s good that he´s making friends and getting involved. He is going to be baptized on the 22nd of March, he is pretty shy so he doesn´t want to invite anyone, but that's okay, we can make that happen. We have to work hard to try to get people to come so it'll be easier for us!
   This week our cocinera made pizza for us and it was awesome, but we got there a little late because we were helping the A family (C and K) move to a new house as well. So the pizza wasn´t super warm and she said Jamàs voy a hacer pizza porque llegaron trade! It remended me lots of Dad's pizza fiasco of 2005 " I will never make Pizza AGAIN!" but I really hope she does because it was way good. They have pizza here but it´s nothing compared to the bacon-artichoke pizza that dad makes. I can´t wait to be able to eat that again. This week I am thinking that I am going to go crazy and drop $7 on a jar of peanut butter. I haven´t had a good PPYJ sandwich for a long time. It should last me for a few weeks as well. Well that mostly what going on for the week, love you all and wish you the best! Paz!
Elder Schriever