Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Well everyone today happens to be Cinco de Mayo, which here doesn´t mean anything, and really doesn`t mean much other than everyone in the states who likes to drink and eat mexican food. but since its a holiday I guess I'll wish you all a happy fifth of May. This week was a pretty average week, we had a multizone, and we are all getting ready to go to the temple this week, and to call home. I am super excited to see you all and talk to you guys a little bit. It's weird to think that this will be the last time while on my mission that I get to call. Depending exactly when I finish. But most likely this will be the last time. (baggy thought of the day) The Multizone was really good, very long, but very good. We talked about obedience and strengthening our faith. I learned a lot. I think the Multizone really helped out our zone 'Los Hèroes' (the heroes) because in the next two and three days we put 9 new baptismal dates. It was really amazing to see. So now our zone as a total has six people baptized and we have 5 baptismal dates for May, we have many more people who have been to church that will hopefully get baptized as well in May. Our area is having some problems but I know that if we keep working hard we will start having more success.
   Its weird to think that there are only 12 more days until the big wedding day, I keep singing to myself the Lumineers song "the big parade" where its talks about the wedding day. It makes me happy. which is good because this week it rained, hard. Almost every day around 3-5 in the afternoon. Wednesday it was a suprise and I didn`t have an umbrella or anything so I just got soaked, luckily for the past few weeks I have put my scriptures in my drybag so they were undamaged, but everything else was soaked through. Then on friday I had my poncho, but the rain and wind were so heavy that the rain was falling almost horizontally that my pants got soaked. But I enjoy the rain, it means that it`s not quite so hot. My companion complains that
after it rains it is just hotter and humider but I feel like it cools everything down.
   This week a family gave us some avacados and they are soooooooo good. I have been eating them just plain with salt, but I am thinking about trying to get more creative. You can buy the biggest avocado you have ever seen here for like $.75 and that's expensive for here! I am going to enjoy them while I can, mangoes as well! I have started to make my own pupusas to save money and to learn how to make them really well. I am getting better, but its hard to make them on an electric stove because it doesn`t get very hot. you have to leave them cooking for like 15 to 20 minutes each side if you really want to cook them well. the corn masa just doesn`t cook very fast. I think it would be much more doable on a gas range. but If I can get it down now it will be much easier later. So when I get back everyone is invited to a giant pupusa eating party. I am going to look for rice flour as well to practice making rice pupusas, the masa has a little bit different feel to it when its rice. but all in all I am eating well and enjoying the cooler weather that comes with winter here.
   Well that's all I'm going to write because we are going to talk this sunday, otherwise we won`t have anything to talk about! but I am glad to hear you are all doing well and getting ready for weddings, graduations and summer. Exciting times. Love you all and wish you the best,
Elder Schriever

P.S. We live in the third floor of the yellow apartment in the backround of this photo