Monday, December 1, 2014

In December Drinking Horchata

   Well family it is now December, not that i´m trying to be super baggy or anything but that means that i´m coming home. Honestly there´s not much more to say. Everything is pretty normal, just working hard and trying to get everything done. Everything new that has happened I am planning on sharing with you guys in person. Including pictures, stories ect... I just had a couple requests, if its not too much trouble. I haven´t had good chinese food for forever, and if you could bring some to the airport that would be great! I want to have as much time with you guys as possible so make sure to set aside some time for me, just to chill and talk. 
    I look forward to seeing you all very soon! In the meantime check out this cool video: Have a great week and I´ll see you soon! 
Elder Schriever