Monday, May 6, 2013

Izalco Week 11

Hello family 
     I´ve got good news and I've got bad news, Oh wait! No, there is only good news. We found out after I emailed last week that we will get to Skype on Mother's Day! We are going to try to do it at 6 pm El Salvador time, but it might be a little before a little after, just be ready I guess. (Mom- if you wouldn´t mind sending me contact solution that would be awesome, it's about $15 a bottle down here, I have a good portion of one bottle left and I'm being super careful with it but I could use some more) 
     As far as missionary work goes, this week was a huge success. We had a surprise baptism (a nine year old kid of a semi-active family) named W L. We taught twenty eight lessons with members this past week (the highest I've ever seen or heard of) thanks to the hard work of some of the members here we had seven investigators in the church! Unfortunately A's wife refuses to get married even after 40 years together and 14 kids, we tried to tell her that it wouldn´t change anything, and that it was basically a chance to eat free cake, but she refused to see reason. So for now we can´t really progress with A until his wife changes. But T is getting ready for her baptism and she is super awesome! Even though she is like 83 years old she is super healthy and active. A lot of people here are super thin, but really active. She is the sweetest old lady ever! There are two families that went to church, the P family and S family. We have been working with the P family for a little over a month and they finally could make it to church! I think they really liked it and should hopefully progress quickly now. We are always trying to find new people but for now it seems like we have our hands full. 
     We have really done a better job of keeping the house clean. Mom would be proud. It's hard to clean after a full day of work, but a little bit of effort at the end of the day makes a huge difference. We have bought light bulbs, and cleaning supplies to try and maintain it a little better. It feels good to have a cleaner house for sure!  We are hoping to paint it next P-day to try and liven it up a little bit. People here love bright colored houses and it really looks good if everyone does it. There are a whole bunch of tiny little houses but they are all sky blue, pink, orange, etc... it's really cool. 
     This upcoming week on the 17th we have a trip to the temple, I am super excited to actually go inside the San Salvador temple for the first time! It is a really pretty temple one the outside and I assume on the inside as well. Right now three of our investigators can´t read, so I am going to buy the church picture/painting book to help them visualize the stories and such. It's kinda tricky simplifying the lessons for people who can´t read, you can´t really read them scriptures. But we are trying our best to help them out. Anyway that's about it for this week! hope everything goes well! Love you all a lot!

Elder Schriever