Friday, May 17, 2013

Izalco 12

 Well family,

     It's been another crazy week.  This past week we went to help out one of our investigators build a champita, or a small, house/hut. Each morning we would take our machetes, I had to borrow one from the bishop seeing as I don´t have my own yet:( but we would go hike into a more jungly part of Izalco and cut down little trees, bamboo, and really anything we could find to piece together this house. There is a lot of work to go but we are making some progress. They ran out of string so we can´t really fasten the sticks to make the wall. Juan, the dad, is thinking about doing the rest with adobe. So this upcoming week we might go and help them with that. Should be way exciting! A year ago it would have been hard to imagine  that I would be hiking around the jungle looking for strait trees to chop down to make a house, but now that I am here I am in love with it. I have decided that a machete is much more practical than a hatchet or axe, they get these things so sharp and they can chop down a tree in a little over a minute. It was way cool! so when we go camping in the future I will leave the hatchet back home where it belongs and take the machete!
     We just got back from San Salvador, we went to the temple and it was awesome. Easily one of the most beautiful I have seen. I hope to go again soon. If I stay in this area for the next change the temple will be in the mission boundaries and hopefully I will get to go a little more often.
       I am getting used to life without any air conditioning but I still get really hot! Well that's about it for now. hope everything is going well with you guys! It sounded like you guys are doing fine from when I last talked to you. I hope I can send a few pictures a little later but we'll have to see how that goes.

Love you all! 
Elder Schriever