Monday, May 20, 2013

Izalco 13

Well to be perfectly honest not a whole lot has changed since I last talked to you guys four days ago. We did have a baptism this past Sunday, T F, she is this 83 year old lady and she is the sweetest person ever! It's a huge testimony to me that it's never too late to follow Christ. She is super sweet and super old too! I'm gonna try sending pictures but I'm not making any promises. is being really dumb right now. Hopefully this upcoming Saturday we will have a wedding/baptism of the S family. It has been amazing to see the change in Hermano S, he has stopped drinking and there is just a light in his eyes that wasn't there before. He still can´t read but we are trying to see if we can figure out something about that. He recently got a job so hopefully he can support his family better. We are helping them make a house right now, I will take pictures the next time we pass by. It's been super fun to help build. I want to cut down a bamboo plant and make cups. The bamboo grows like 5-6 inches in diameter, so it could make a decent sized cup!
     So this Sunday we had 12 investigators at church which was super rewarding after a week of hard work. They are almost all super positive and hopefully they will all get baptized! But I don´t know if I will be there, we have changes on the 29th so who knows where I will end up! I'm guessing I will stay in Izalco for at least one more change, another pair of missionaries is going to come and I would need to show someone else around Izalco and where everyone lives. I guess time will tell. Right now I am in the market for a good machete. They are super useful for everything. If you want to eat coconut you have to have a machete to get through the husk, if you want to cut down little trees to build a house you have to have a machete, if you want to fend off wild boars you need a machete. So I have concluded that it is no longer a want but a need. ;) But don´t worry I'll be super careful. I'm an Eagle Scout after all! 
     I heard that there are some ruins close by Izalco so hopefully we can go try and check them out before changes. I'll keep you guys updated. Sounds like you all have had a good week and are doing well. Love you all and talk to you in a week!
Elder Schriever