Monday, August 5, 2013


Well family,
    Changes have come, the big news is that Elder U is leaving for Belize, along with four other elders in the zone, which is really weird. And (wait for it) I'M TRAINING. It's still kinda hard to wrap my mind around but I´m gonna get a greenie on Wednesday. Don´t know if he will be Latin or Gringo, but we´ll find out soon. There are 30 missionaries coming so I think it really could go either way. I think they normally like to pair Latins with gringoes for language concerns but with so many coming they might not have a choice. I am pretty excited to train, I anticipate a few challenges and a lot more work on my part with teaching, but I also think I will learn a lot. it also means I will be in Izalco for most likely two more changes which will bring me to about 9 months here, Craziness. It seems like a long time but it will fly by. There is an elder in the district that has been in his area for 9 months and is going to train as well. Poor guy, a whole year in one area. That's a really long time. But I am going to have another couple months to work with my converts and hopefully baptize a few more people. It's gonna be really hard to leave. I can´t believe Bailey is getting his mission call this week, Tell him congrats for me and let me know where he goes! My current predicting is stateside: Miami Florida, Foreign: Guatemala Retaluehu (sp?)
      This week there is another huge celebration here. The Augustine fiestas is what it's called. And there are all kinds of parades and stuff, it's kinda hard for the mission work because literally no one is in their house, and the people in the streets don´t really want to talk to us. But we´ll try our best to take advantage of whole families being together. On Friday I went to San Salv for the trainer´s meeting, when we got back there was this huge parade in front of our house and it took us like half an hour just to get in. It was crazy and it's going to be going on until the 15th and 16th.
      Elder U will be leaving for San Salvador here in a couple hours so I will be in Trio with the Izalco 1 elders for a couple days. Elder W is going home so it should be really laid back. I am gonna try and put together a little bag for him to take home and give to Eli at BYU including the SD card with all of my pictures. Mom asked me if there was anything I would like in the next package, if you guys could send me a USB drive and more photos that would be way sweet. I want to backup my photos but for a 16 gig USB its like $20 a little expensive and they are cheaply made. I´ll keep trying to think of things but right now nothing is coming to mind.
     It sounds like you guys all have a fun week ahead, enjoy yourself before school starts and try to make the most of these last few weeks. Hey could you guys give me Shih-Ping's email? I would like to start including her in the weekly email. I was reading the Liahona from August and there is an awesome promise from one of the apostles that if we pray to know who to share the gospel, names and faces will come to our mind, and the spirit will guide us to what we need to say and when we need to say it. I would like to invite you guys to participate in the ward missionary work, invite the elders over for dinner and invite friends/neighbors over as well. Help the Elders out, I can imagine that Eagle is a hard place to be. I and they would appreciate it. Love you all and hope that you have a great week, remember to read your scriptures, pray, and have family home evening. 

Take care all,
Elder Schriever