Monday, July 29, 2013

Izalco 23ish?

 Well family, another week has passed, sounds like you all have gotten back to the reality of normal life, but I´m sure you had a wonderful trip. This week was a little frustrating as far as missionary work goes. We had several very promising investigators stop progressing because of Anti-mormon literature and lies. It´s hard to see so much work and time be ruined in an instant, but I tell myself that at the very least I am just  planting seeds. Hopefully I leave a good impression and some day another missionary with go back and have success. Right now I am contemplating the possibility of staying in Izalco for another change, which would mean seven months here. That's a long time, either way we are trying to get our área in shape for changes. Supposedly there are going to be a ton of people going from Sonsonate over to San Salvador. Elder U thinks he´s going to be one of the five people that go to Belize. I guess we´ll find our in a week.
     We might hae a baptism in a couple weeks, a grand-daughter of a family in the Ward, named T, came up to us and told us she wanted to get baptized. Her mom is a member but hasn´t gone for years because a bishop offended her. But when we went to visit her she didn´t seem too antagonistic. The only real problem is the dad, who isn´t a member and doesn´t want to much to do with the church. But hopefully he will at least let her get baptized.
     This week we ran into a guy selling those wire head massagers, we both bought one and are loving them. At the end of the day we just sit there and scratch our heads, it feels glorious. We are writing a little early today because we are going to go to San Salvador and eat luch with President. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.
    This week I was hoping to try cow foot soup, but the lady that was going to make it couldn´t find any, but I'll continue my search later. A member gave us some tamales yesterday, they were amazing, they are just corn masa, with sour creme mixed in with some sugar. But the way to make it is they take corn from the cob and grind it up to make the Masa, way better than using corn flour. I also made some pupusas in the house, they turned out okay, I learned the basic principles of how to do it, but to really make pupusas you need to make then over fire, and not an electric stove. They are super easy to make but don´t really fit into a missionaries time schedule. Anyway hope you all are doing well and having fun. Take it easy!

Love Elder Schriever