Monday, January 27, 2014

Zone Leading...

Well I got changed, I got moved to this place called Arce, it's in the same zone but in the other district. It is a pretty interesting little town. If I were to describe it in few words it would be this: small town, no strait flat roads. It's an older style town, and is in a foot hill type place. Basically if we are not walking down a super steep town hill, we are walking up one, I think I am going to drop some weight here for sure! But it is really cool, all kinds of old school houses and lots of really cool people. The ward isn´t quite as strong as my other one, but that's just an opportunity to make it better! Apparently about 100 people come every week. Which is just a little bit below average. One huge advantage is that the members give us dinner every single day of the week! It is heavenly. I have really enjoyed the food they have made, I would eat white beans with hotdogs every day rather than make pasta. Our house also has a barbell in it so I have been stepping it up a bit on the exercise. Hopefully it will help. 
     My companion is Elder A, a super cool guy from Argintina, but luckily, he is from a part of Argintina that borders Chile and Bolivia, so he doesn´t talk with a really weird accent, and he isn´t super prideful like most Buenos Aerans. We have gotten along before we were companions and now we are going to get along great. I have a picture of him that I will send to you guys later, along with some pictures I took of Arce. It is way beautiful, a great view of the valley below. 
    We have a few baptisms really soon, one is the S family, a couple that just have to get married, but due to some birth certificate complications it is taking a little bit longer than planned. But hopefully this week we can get that fixed. He has stopped drinking and they are both looking forward to getting baptized. We have a couple other youngs people, a kid named C, that should get baptised in February. C´s parents aren´t married but the mom is a member, but the new husband can´t get baptized yet because she needs to get divorced first. That normally takes like 3-6 months so that's not anywhere in the near future, but I will probalby still be here when they get baptized. What we are really focusing on right now is finding new people. There are tons of less active members here, literally hundreds. Most of them have friends and family that aren´t members. So we are going to take the ward member list and look really hard, find them, and bring them back, along with their friends and family. There is this place called La Joya, where I think we will have lots of success. I am excited to be so close to my old friends. 
    It was awesome getting to listen to Elder Cook, he talked about missionary work, and how we should be happy in the work, if we view service as a sacrifice we will be miserable, but if we view it as the opportunity that it is we will have more joy. How as we serve the lord we gain the forgiveness of our sins. It was way good. Well my time is about up I will have to send the pictures next week when I have more time, and more pictures. Can´t wait to hear from all of you!
Elder Schriever