Monday, April 14, 2014


Hey everyone!
Sounds like you are all pretty busy right now, from finishing
wedding plans, to getting ready for senior project, to the dreaded
O-chem finals. Everyone has some concerns, but like always it will
soon be over. By the end of next change, school will be out, and
everyone will be nice and relaxed, hopefully. this week was another
eciting week of visiting, contacting, and of course eating delicious
food. I have really gotten a love for rice, beans, and tortillas.
After Pupusas it may be my favorite food. The beans here are red
beans, and are way better than the pinto beans that you see in the
states. Hopefully I will be able to find them after the mission. I may
have explained this before but the tortillas here are super think,
about the size of a hand, but a quarter inch thick. after eating about
3-4 you are way full. I have learned how to make them though so I plan
on continuing to eat them during college.
We have changes this wednesday, but we aren´t quite sure what is
going to happen. They normally let us know Tuesday night. But I am not
anticipating leaving my area, possibly getting a new companion. but I
only have three months here in Arce, so I will probably stay another 2
or 3 months if not more. Elder A finishes this next change, so we
are not quite sure what is going to happen there. if he gets changed
to a new area for his last change it will kinda stink for him, but he
already has been here since 6 months, and is ready to leave. I guess
what happens will happen. Que SerĂ¡, SerĂ¡. To me it doesn´t really
matter what happens. The work is basically the same wherever i go.
Right now we are really excited about C, He is the boyfriend
of a member in the ward and is doing great. He always comes to church,
and keeps commitments. He reads everything, and understands almost
everything. When it comes time to taech him all he has is really good
questions. Because of work we can only teach him two times a week but
that is good enough for me. He is most likely going to get baptized.
We are trying to organize more family home evenings with the members
here, and helping them to invite their neighboors and friends. It
really is the best way to find people to teach. We have a few set up
for this upcoming week so we will pray that everything goes well
there. We sometimes find people through street contacting but it isn´t
quite as effective. But we really do have some amazing members here.
I listened this morning to the talk by Richard G Scott again,
about how to help people progress towards salvation. He emphasizes
that love should be the motivating factor, and should be evident in
every aspect. I am going to try to work on that this coming week,
really developing a love for the people and desiring their happiness,
and salvation. Asking them deep questions, and letting them make their
own decision. Truely it is the only way to share the gospel.
This week we got our zone shirts that we made, they turned out
super well, I will send a photo after I send this email. This
upcoming week is the Holy Week, which means everyone will be at the
beach and not at their house, but hopefully there will be more people
in the streets to talk to. we will see how it goes. Well Thats all
that´s going on right now. Love you all and can´t wait to talk to you
Elder Schriever