Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference

Hey Everyone!
   Another great general conference has come and gone, I enjoyed this conference a lot, but it was nothing compared to the last conference in October. I noticed there was a definite theme about staying firm to our beliefs even though the world keeps lowering its standards. Especially in the Saturday sessions. By far my favorite talk was by Elder Richard G. Scott. I felt like it was especially for me, he taught a great lesson about how we should teach people, and help them to keep commitments. All with love and understanding. I also loved the analogy that Elder Bednar made about the pickup truck getting stuck in the snow, and the load of the firewood being the key to getting out. It was a good way to visualize how when we have troubles and challenges it helps us learn and grow, and is a necessary part of this life. Sometimes I feel like the mission is this huge weight, like there is so much to do. It was a good reminder that without any problems I would stay the same. and wouldn't learn anything. and that through Christ´s help my challenges not only become helpful but redemptive.
   We were able to bring two investigators to see conference, and a few less active members as well. One of them was C, the boyfriend of a member here in the ward. He is looking super positive right now. He has been keeping all of his commitments, reads, goes to church, and asks really good questions. The only problem is that he will be a part of the sister's area, so on the 16th we won´t be able to teach him anymore. but I guess thats not that bad of a problem to have. The other investigator was C, he is from our area, and is a good friend of J, who we baptized a few weeks ago. We have been trying to get him to come to church for a very long time, and he finally came. We are going to have to talk with his parents if we want to keep teaching him. So hopefully that goes okay. 
   This week we had interviews with President Hintze, which are always amazing, he is easily the most laid back mission president I have ever heard of. In one of the elder's interviews they talked about March Madness for almost half of it. My interview we talked about my family, how the zone is going, he basically just told me to keep doing what I am doing. It was very reassuring. We found out that basically sisters are coming here for sure, as long as we can find a house. We may have found one that works yesterday, it's been a huge headache but it's almost over. It looks like the sister missionaries will come at the end of this change which is the 16th!!!! I can´t believe how fast this change has flown by. In weekly planning this week I looked at my agenda and saw that we were planning for week 6 the last full week of the change. I still can´t believe it! I imagine either me or my companion is going to have changes. He finishes with this next change, but already has six months in the area, I have three, but have tons of time left. So who knows what will happen. This past week we helped R F chop down a mango tree that was getting pretty close to falling on their house. My whole body was sore for a few days from doing so much chopping with a machete. They don´t use hatchets here to chop down trees only machetes, and it takes it out of your arm. But it was super fun. Its always a good day when I get to use a machete. Anyway thats about all thats going around on my end of things. Sounds like you are all doing good and having fun. thanks for taking to time to write me and I will talk to you all next week! adios!
Elder Schriever