Monday, April 21, 2014

Changes (that's just the way it is)

Well everyone, I wasn´t expecting this but, I got changed. I was
super bummed to leave Arce, I really like that area, I made some good
friends. But I guess it was going to happen at some point, They let us
know about changes at 11 in the night on Tuesday (changes are
wednesday) so we were unsure if we would need to say goodbye or not.
Luckily we had a feeling that one of us was going to leave so we
passed by the people that we would want to say goodbye to just in
case, I was glad we did. Everyone thought that Elder Anco was leaving
because he already has six months in his area, but since its his last
change it was probably better that he stayed and ended in an area
where he knows a lot of people. Thats what I would rather do. Right
before we left the office sent us some new stuff to put in the house,
some bunkbeds, the house is super small but we decided to reorganize
it and clean it up, it needed it badly. There is a false ceiling (like
the cielings in most schools) and the bat poop had really piled up. We
would hit the tile with a broom handle and it would just rain down. At
the end we probably threw out five or six pounds of bat poop, it was
disgusting. We also realized how many cockroaches and other critters
there were the whole time. I´m not gonna lie I am not so sad to be out
of that house.
   Okay so on to the new area. My area is called La Cima, its in the
middle of San Salvador and is super wealthy. There are cars
everywhere, and people live in huge houses for El Salvador. It is a
huge difference from my other areas. We will have to work very closely
with the members if we want to find people to teach. The best part is
that we are super close to the temple, about ten minutes in bus, and
from some parts of our area at night we can see the temple in the
distance. The San Salvador temple is probably the most beautiful
temple in the world, and it's nice to be close. Our house is also way
sweet, it's an apartment on the third floor and it has a great view of
all of San Salvador, especially at night, and the best part....... we
have HOT WATER, HOT WATER!!!!! I couldnt believe it when I heard, I
almost cried with joy, I haven't taken a hot shower in over a year and
it felt great. It's really more like luke warm, but I am so happy with
that. We also have a weight set in the new house, it doesn´t have a
ton of weight plates but I´ll make do, there is also a punching bag,
that will come in handy because there are tons of sister misionaries
here, and some of them are very... dramatic, to put it nicely. Anyway
I am super excited and happy to be in this area. We live like a block
away from a burger king, which is super dangerous, a few blocks from
chinese food and pizza. All in all I am worried about gaining all of
the weight that i lost in Ciudad Arce. I will have to be more careful
   My companion is an Elder from the dominican republic, named Elder V, super chill guy, he eats a ton! but is good to work with he is a little baggy because he finishes on July 9th but I guess that's something I am going to have to live with from now on. He only has two weeks in this area so we are basically opening the area, because neither one of us knows the place very well. But we get along well, and our zone is great. One of our distict leaders is Elder F, a good friend of mine from Lourdes, He is someone I will hang out with after the mission for sure. We are going to do interchanges this week to get to know some of the sister´s investigators. Its so different being in the same zone as all of the AP´s and office elders, President Hintze even lives in our zone. We don't see him much but he lives here.
   This saturday we had the mission activity at the temple. When the
people from Izalco came I ran out to give them all a big hug, I got to
see R A, J and L and their new baby! She was so cute. The coolest part is that R and his wife P are planning on getting sealed within the month, and I will be able to go with them. I won´t get to go to Eli´s wedding, but I will get to go to a wedding. J and L are both still super active, and J is Young Men´s president. people have told me that he has brought back like 20 young men to activitiy. I was so happy to see the both of them. As well as Elder S, he is in the Zone Cuscatlan which is right next to ours, he is coming up on a year in the mission and will probably get put as zone leader this upcoming change. It made my day to see all of them. I am so glad Semana Santa is finally over, its not that big of a deal here in San Salvador, but everyone went on vacation, and no one was home. Hopefully this week will be a little different. also at like four in the morning a certain church would light off fireworks. I am all about fireworks, but not at four in the morning. but its over now
so thats what matters. this week will be a week full of looking for new investigators, less active members, and of course, partying hard like we do. Love you and and can´t wait to hear from you all. T minus one month till the wedding crazy!!! Okay take care all 

Elder Schriever