Monday, August 4, 2014

4 de Agosto

    Hey everyone how is everything going? This week was a great week. The last week of any month is always pretty busy, you work hard to try to tie up any loose ends from the month thats ending, and its the most important to get ready for the month that is coming up. We ended up the month of July with 7 baptisms in the zone. Not bad, not great but not too bad either. When you consider that we started the month with a potential of 1 (one person baptised with zero baptismal dates) we finished pretty well. Elder M works really hard and it lets us get alot done. I am super grateful to be his companion he is always happy and even when things don´t go as planned we can laugh and make jokes out of it. Life is just better when you are happy. Someone asked me when changes were and if I think that I will get changed. Changes aren´t for another two weeks, on August 20, but I have a feeling that I am going to get changed. I am just having too much fun right now to have it last.
    Yesterday we had the baptism of R H, which was super good we had it right after the the church block so that the members could come. When we try to do it on Saturday everyone is busy. It was a great experience all in all. After her baptism she bore a really cool testimony about how she had been praying to find someone that could help her get to know God better. And thats when she met S P, the member who gave us the reference, and then she met us. It was really cool to hear that.
    Right now we are pretty slim on investigators, we have a few that are progressing but we need more. Everyone that we had committed to come to church bailed on us. But hopefully next week we will be able to bring around three people. Tommorow we have a mission temple tour, which should be way good. We are hoping that in total around 1,000 people will come. It is going to take up most of the morning tomorrow but it should be way good. President Hintze always says that the best missionary in El Salvador is the temple and it is so true. You can
just feel a difference when you enter the temple grounds. I normally get to see some old friends as well so I will be sure to take lots of photos and look for as many people as possible. We are going to be really busy this week doing interchanges. Basically every day we are going to be doing something in other areas, its good because it keeps us busy and we get to work with all of the missionaries, and know them better.
    I can`t believe that Jake and Katie are getting home this week! thats so crazy! Especially Katie, since she started after me and is finishing before. I bet the Starks and McGregors are super excited! I am excited for them! Well my time is almost up, because right now is vacations here in San Salvador the temple is open today and there are a ton of people trying to use the computers.  I will be on for a few minutes more and try and send more photos. Thanks to all of you for writing me and have a great week Talk to you all soon!
Elder Schriever