Monday, July 28, 2014

3 Samuel Chapter 1

1.  And so passed the fourth week of the seventh month of the two thousandth and fourtenth year after the birth of Christ, with much heat and little rain. And the servants of the lord began to complain and murmur because of the heat, lack of rain. And the situation became Exceedingly difficult because the price of food tripled.
2. Nevertheless they did work dilligently and did sweat much, until their garments because filthy. And the people did reject them because their hearts were placed on the things of the world. Closing their doors on the Messengers of the truth. Saying things such as " My mother says she`s not home" or " Nobody`s here right now"
3. But they servants of the lord began to have success among the poorer class, who were humble of heard, and willing to hearken unto the council of the Lord. Insomuch that many souls came unto the waters of baptism, and were baptised unto the remission of their sins.
4. And if came to pass that at the beginning of the fifth week of the seventh month or the same year, Elder Schriever wrote to his loved ones saying:
5. "My beloved family and friends, how good it is to hear that you all are well, and that no harm has befallen you. Yea my soul was filled with great joy when I read your letters.
6. This week we went as missionaries in the land of Los Hèroes to entertain ourselves by playing soccer, and we did run and play for many hours in the heat of the day, and if came to pass that we did feel faint because of the exceeding heat fo the day, which caused us to drink much water and hunger, In this day we did not rest.
7. And when if was the second day of the week we still did obtain no rest, and walked much searching for souls to bring unto Christ, and we did obtain some success. But the greatest succes was not until the Sixth day when Edwin hernandez descended into the baptismal font, and was baptised, and all the people of La Cima regoiced.
8. And there are others who are anxiously waiting for that blessed day, namely Raquel, who will be baptized on the Seventh day of the first week of the eighth month. And there to will be much cause to rejoice.
9. Yea, my heart does regoice in those that chose to follow Christ, and it remindeth me of why I went down from the land of my fathers into the lands of the south to preach of Christ.
10. I would that you all would ponder on the words of Elder Uchtdorf when he said "Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is not an effort of once a week, or once a day. It is an effort of Once and for all" How true that is. We must strive constantly in order to follow Christ and endure until the very end. We all need to be more commited and live
more consistantly the Gospel of Christ. to give rest unto our souls in the kingdom of God.
11. Salute my bretheren Elder Stark and Sister McGregor who are in far away lands. I look forward to hearing from you all in the near future. Adios my beloved brethren.

Elder Schriever