Friday, August 29, 2014

Welcome to Antigua Cuscatlan

   Well I got changed. My new ward is called Campestre, which is the stake center of the Los Héroes Stake. Our Chapel is beautiful. And the ward is really big. Around 200 people come each week. We live and work in a place called Antigua Cuscatlan, which is super safe and really cool. There are tons of huge houses but thats not that much different from La Cima. Campestre is literally right next to La Cima. My old area is a block away from my house. I sure didn´t go far that time! The good news is that I´m not far from all of my friends back in La Cima. I sure am going to miss all of them, but I hope to see them again some day, I know i will.
     My companions are awesome one is Elder Z, from Mexico. He leaves at the end of this change but he is a real hard worker and a great teacher. I will try to take a picture of all of us to send to you guys. There is also Elder R, from Guatty who is super crazy, but really funny and happy always. He works super hard and we get along really well, you know you have a good relationship with someone when you can joke around with them. My other companion is..... Elder R!!! I was super excited to find that out. I have been waiting to be companions with him my whole mission. People call us the "Boise Boys" and it fits. Its cool to be with someone who is similar to you. We were sharing pictures of our families and to our suprise our family photos were taken in the exact same place, at that farm out in Meridian. His Dad is also named Rodney. Small strange world. I took a picture of the two family pictures so you all can see that. It was really funny.
    Our house is huge. But super dirty. there is just old garbage everywhere. Our goal for today when we get back is to clean the place up. I have found some cool stuff though! like "the great apostasy" by Talmage and some ties that other missionaries have left behind. but I don´t think that we will ever really be able to clean the place all the way up, it is just too filthy. But we do have a gym super close to our house and we all love to go. So every morning we wake up at 5:50 to go lift weights and run occasionally. It makes me feel so much better and helps me stay focused throughout the day. I am going to try eating better and I think I will have lots more energy! I am going to get stuff to make sub sandwiches this week to change it up a little bit. with carrots and brocoli. we don´t really have time to cook, and we are barely ever in the house so I have to think of things that are quick, cheap, and healthy. Thats a pretty short list.
    Its weird thinking that this is going to be my last area. I don´t think of myself as an "old" missionary but I now realize that there is no other word to describe it. I am old, worn shirts, worn pants, worn shoes, But with a big smile. I am enjoying life and doing great. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well and that everyone is getting back into the swing of real life. good luck with studies and work and I will talk to you soon!
Hasta Luego!
Elder Schriever (Chevere)