Monday, September 1, 2014


Buenos Tardes a Todos!!!
   Sounds like there are lots of changes going on right now. School starting back up, people moving houses. I can barely keep my head around all of it. But for the most part it sounds like you are all doing really well. I am glad to hear that Anna is having a good time at BYU, exciting times. I heard a little from Jake and it sounds like he is having fun with the new car as well. It must be a party over in Provo right now.
  My week was really good. i spent most of it outside of our area. I went to visit the Los Heroes zone, Arce zone, and ...... Izalco!!!! it was cool to get to go back and work in my old areas. When I was in Izalco i got to see a few old investigators as they walked down the street. We were mostly in this place called Armenia but i got about two hours back in good ole izalco. I had forgotten how much i love that place. When we were there we had a really cool lesson with an investigator named S. she is getting really close to her baptism but she still feels guilty about the things she has done in the past. We spent most of the lesson talking about hte power of repentance and the healing power of the Atonement. She started crying, after a little bit. It took me a while to figure out wheither it was a good crying or bad crying. Its difficult to figure out women sometimes. But I came to the conclusion that it was a good crying.
  In Arce we also had some good visits but not that many because one of the Zone leaders got sick so we had to find a member for him to stay with. The priesthood quoroms in Arce are pretty weak so that took a while. But the missionaries are working hard, and they are having lots of success. There are still some Elders that are there from when I was in Arce, poor guys. They have like over six months there.
  Some of the other big news this week is that I got my license!!!! really it was kind of a joke, the practical exam was literally driving around the block, all right hand turns. That what it was possibly because the guy knew I could drive because I was a Gringo but it took about 5 minutes. the written exam was also a piece of cake. the questions were super obvious and i finished it like six minutes. its somewhat worrying that its so easy to get a liscense here, but I will just have to be really carefull. the good news is that we drive a pretty good sized truck so there isn´t much that could happen.
   This week we ahvea  ton of meeting we have to prepare for. Elder Duncan (area president) is coming on wednesday, which will be super crazy. and we have a  leadership meeting on tuesday that we have to prepare for. There are also several meeting we have to coordinate in Belize. But life is good. Well my time is basically up. I hope you all have a great week and I will look forward to talking to you all soon!
Elder Schriever