Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15

   Well family and friends I hope that you are all doing well, this week has been a crazy week for sure. This week started off... interesting. After writing you guys the zone went and played soccer at some small turf fields in our area. it was really hot since it was like 2 in the afternoon and I had on a pair of vibram fivefingers that i picked up here for $10. Anyways the ground was really hot and the thin sole of the vibrams wasn`t enough to protect my feet from the heat so i got one of the biggest blisters I have ever seen. I am sending a photo but I don`t know if you can see everything, but it was pretty darn big! I was walking with a pretty bad limp. but its all better now. I just need to remember to take better care of my feet.
    On Tuesday we spent basically the whole day driving. There were lots of errands to run and several missionaries to pick up from the airport. It was super weird being at the airport, its like the graveyard for missionaries, also the place where they are born. We waited for a long time because the misisonary we were picking up is from belize and didn't speak a word of spanish. He got lost in the airport, and got out like an hour and a half after his flight and after being questioned by the airport security about what he was doing there. Poor kid. He is going to serve his mission in the Dominican republic. If I remember right its the same mission as Elder Stark. It really was a blessing that that day I got to drive for most of it because If I would have had to walk all day I would torn up the blister more. God works in mysterious ways.
    The coolest news is that this week I will be going to the airport, to go to Belize. Elder Alonzo ( a member of the presidency of the area) is coming to tour the zone. So basically this week will be multi zone meetings and a quick trip to Belize. I am super psyched to go. I have heard that it is a way cool place. Super hot, but really "chill" but which the time that we have we are gonna work like crazy. The meetings are always stressful because we are in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly. The sound system, projector, and no one gets there late. Some things are out of our control so that is the most stressful part. I don`t think we will have to present anything but if we do we need to be ready. So tonight we will probably need to prepare that...
    While driving Elder R and I named the emergency lights. Here in central america they don`t have the same meaning as in the states we call it the "I do what I want" button. Because any time you need to do something thats *ahem* outside of normal driving procedures you just turn on the IDWIW button and do it. everyone seems to respect that rule so it works out nicely. I don`t think it will work quite as well in the states but here it works well.
    This week I am going to be sure to take lots of pictures, and now that i finally figured out how I can attatch several of them to the email at once it will be alot easier to send them. I look forward to talking to you all soon!
Elder Schriever!

The "I do what I want" button

Elder R sleeping