Monday, September 8, 2014

Thug Life

Whats happening family?!
  This week was a blur, on Tuesday I had my trusy watch break on me. I was walking down the road and my hand snagged on a brick that was sticking out on a wall. and the strap broke. my watch was basically the only thing that I used to keep track of the date. So I have lost my perception of time. I woke up one day and realized wow its saturday again. We stay so busy that we never really have much time to think. The weeks are just flying by. I broke my first belt on that same day as well, that is far more disturbing. It was the buckle that fell apart all of the sudden so I guess that isn´t quite that bad.
  On wednesday I went to this place called Puerto la Libertad to go visit with the zone leaders. I parked the car on a really steep hill but left it running while they unloaded a few boxes. because of how steep the hill was no deisel got to the punp and the car died. and wouldn't start up after. luckily we were really close to the chapel so we pushed the truck over and went and got some more deisel. It was really embarassing. but in the end we got it started up again and had a good day. I was really nervous because the car is a 2013 and worth more than some of these people will make in their lives. we have to be really careful where we park. But so far we have never had any problems.
  We are also having more and more success in our own area. We have been talking to everyone and we have some new people to teach, and a few people that went to church! This area is a lot like the Cima. its a little tricky to work in but doable. We are trying to work more with the members becuase that will make it much more easier and enjoyable. we are teaching this girl named E, who is the niece of a recent convert. she went to church on Sunday and really seemed to like it. We also have a young couple that we are teaching. They couldn't come to church this sunday because of work but hopefully this coming sunday they will. They are named G and D. we are going to keep working with them.
  This morning a family from our ward invited our whole zone and President Hintze over for breakfast. Their house was rediculous!!! They basically own one side of the San Salvador Volcano, and their house is the biggest house that I have ever seen. needless to say it was a good breakfast. They are the R Famly. They told us that they are going to invite us over every fast sunday to eat lunch. I love this ward. other than that for today we have lots of stuff to do, a house to organize and clean. and errands to run. maybe we will play soccer if we have time. a pretty normal P-day. if possible I would also like to sleep. not sure if we are going to get all of that in.
   I am glad to hear that everyone is getting settled into school, and back into the normal routine. I was super happy to hear from all of you and to hear that everything is going well. Thanks for taking the time to write me and I look forward to talking to you soon.
Elder Schriever