Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13

Another great week come and gone! 
    This week was pretty crazy, we had lots of stuff to do and not much time to do it. But thats nothing new. We were really busy for the last few days preparing the wedding for the M and A. Which was one of the highlights of the week. Along with other things that I will tell you guys later in the email. 
    I was super glad to hear that you are all doing well, sounds like everyone is busy making lots of trips to Provo and Arizona. Staying busy with school and having fun. Our house is getting pretty baggy. Elder R and Elder R go home at the end of the change which is in a little over two weeks, They are both starting to feel it. Elder C and I finish the change after. So we are all basically in the same baggy boat. It doesn´t help that we are playing Christmas music already, I say if Walmart has Christmas decorations up we are allowed to listen to it. 
    It was a great week for the misson work here in our area. We had the marriage and baptism of M and A on Saturday and Sunday. At the end it was awesome but it was stressful planning everything. We had the time change about three times, changed lawyers once, and almost ripped out my hair for most of Friday. But we got everything ready and we had the support of some great members who helped us decorate, be witnesses, and just came to support. After being so stressed it was hard to relax and enjoy the baptism, but as M was standing in the baptismal font, while his wife watching from the stairs. It just hit me, an overwhelming sense of happiness and joy, knowing that they had made the right decesion and that heavenly father is happy which them right now. It´s what missionaries live for, and it was a great day, even if it started out stressful. 
    On Saturday morning we had a visit with K who we have been working with for a little over a month now. She knew that the church was true, and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that she wanted and needed to be baptized. But for some reason she wouldn´t accept a date for her baptism. We were wondering what to do. But this saturday she told us "Elders I made my decision, can I get baptized on a Saturday?" We were super happy and said yes. She asked "is it okay if its this next saturday?" and we almost lost it. So she is going to get baptized on the 18th. on the 19th we are going to baptize a woman and her daughter that just came on their own to conference. They have a ton of faith and are loving church.  So basically we are super excited right now about how things are going. We just need to find some new investigators so that we can have investigators in November. Right now we don´t have anyone else. 
     I got to do some interchanges this week and I got to be with some great missionaries. I learned from one of them about the importance of being specific in prayers we got down on our knees to pray at the end of the day, and he asked for blessings in about every way possible for what we had done that day, for the reading assignments we had left, and for all of the people we have talked to. This missionary is super obedient and you can tell he has a great releationship with Heavenly Father. I am going to try working on that this week having more meaningful prayers, and trying to involve Him in every aspect of my day. I think that will make everything a lot easier. That elder inspired me. Well everyone I hope that you all have a great week, thats it for now! love you all!
Elder Schriever