Wednesday, October 29, 2014


  Well Family I finally got a moment to write you guys. It just so happens to be at 1:30 in the morning because right now my companions are working on the changes presentation. I was doing it for about 45 minutes but i was starting to go crazy. And took a break. Sometimes on changes week I just feel like a bird in a cage. Because it just seems like endless meetings, and long lists of errands to run. I live to walk on the streets and talk to people, and to teach. Thats when I am happiest. This week will be pretty much office work, hopefully next week we will get back to the pavement. 
    This past week was pretty ordinary, not much to report. I did get some good news from Izalco. Do you guys remember the J and L? The family that I baptized with Elder S last October? well if you don´t they are super amazing people. Since then they have stayed super active in church and have worked hard to help others. J is the Elder´s quorum president, and is working hard to reactivate many less active men in the ward. L is the Relief Society President, and spends her time between her part time job, new born baby, and her calling. I was told this past week that They are going to get sealed on November 15th. two saturdays from now. I am so so so excited for them. And even more excited because I will get ot be there! We already have the Belize trip planned out and we are going the week after. That was my biggest concern. 
   As far as changes go I get a little bit of a sneak peak. The biggest news for this change is that there are now going to be a total of six AP´s, which seems rediculous, but actaully makes sense. Two of them are going to be in Belize, and will work with the different zones there to try and help them out some more. Its good because the whole country of Belize doesn´t get much follow up or support. They are basically on their own. And guess who the two new AP´s in Belize are...... well you don´t know one of them but the other is ELDER S!!!! I just about shouted for joy when I heard that. He is going to do great. He is obedient and a hard worker, just what they need. What that does mean is that normally now we won´t be flying to Belize for multizones, but we will be going for one last time for thanksgiving. Super happy about that. 
    Right now seems surreal. Elder R and Elder R are both going home. which means that I will now be the oldest missionary in the mission. I wan to make the most of my last change. talk to more people, teach more lessons, and learn much more! I am going to live it to the max! sounds like you guys are as well. Have a good week and I look forward to hearing from all of you soon! love you guys! 
Elder Schriever