Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th!

   Well family today has been a very baggy day, this morning the travel secretary gave me a nice phone call asking which airport I want to return to. I think that he will be buying my plane ticket in the next few days... I couldn`t believe it. I don`t even feel like its that close, but he and the calender tell me otherwise. Changes week was insane. We had to worry about four groups, we had the news coming in, the old guys going out, the elders coming from belize to el Salvador, and those going from El Slavador to Belize. From Monday to Thursday we had between 15 to 25 Elders in our house at one time. They all had things that they wanted, their last pupusas, more toilet paper, water. We had spent all saturday night cleaning the house, we were up until around 2 in the morning scrubbing, mopping, and sweeping everything up. and now they left it worse than when we started. I think I unclogged about four different toilets. It was rediculous. next time we are going to ration out the TP and only hand them 10 squares when they get to the house. But the new missionaries were really cool, they were all excited to be in the mission and were really happy. 
     We also found a Smashburger about three blocks from our house. Its the only one in El Salvador and it is AMAZING. I had forgotten how much I love sweet potatoe fries. best hamburger I have had in two years. when they first brought out the burgers my companions were dissapointed because it looked small but once they took a bite they were convinced. It tasted so real. I was was worried because I had told them all that it was really good, and that it was worth the price. I am glad Smashburger didn`t let me down.
     General Conference was awesome! It was so different than most of the ones I have seen. They focused more on having a direction in life, and working hard to meet goals. Thats what I got out of it anyways. i realized that I need to set higher goals and work harder to meet them. I want to learn a third language, get good at guitar, minor in spanish ect... basically I am going to set higher goals and try to make more of my life. They also mentioned lots about following the prophet, and supporting our church leaders. It was interesting. I liked the new addition of having the general authorities speak in their native language. mostly because there are lots of them who speak spanish! I really liked Elder Cook`s talk from the Priesthood session about how our daily life should reflect our life goals. I definatly need to make some changes. but thats what it is all about.
     The Romero family (Moses and Angela) are going to get married on October 11th, and baptized on the 12th. They are just an awesome family! they told us this week that when we met them they were about to seperate. But now they are excited to be an eternal family. They are great. We showed karen jerez the Joseph Smith video and I think it clicked a little bit mroe. She says that she believes he was a prophet and that she needs to get baptized. But she is still missing something. Its starting to puzzle me a little bit. But we`ll keep working there. 
    it was so good to hear from all of you this week. I was bummed to hear BYU lost to Utah State. President Hintze graduated from Utah so he gave us all a hard time. next year... I love you all and look forward to hearing from you soon! have a great week! 
Elder Schriever