Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Well fam,
     As you can probably tell from the subject of this email I took a long trip from the area of Izalco to Izalco II. haha They told me about an hour after I wrote you guys but it was too late to let you guys know. And I got made Senior Comp! Crazy! I´m sorry if I sounded down last week I really wasn´t I promised. I honestly don´t mind that you sold the truck, I have learned not to get too attached to things. Okay back to Izalco II, all it really entailed was packing my suitcases and getting them about 6 blocks away. We spent most of the past couple weeks just frantically looking for a house. Houses for rent here are super hard to find. we found one Tuesday night, luckily and moved in Wednesday afternoon. Really not that far away at all. My new comps name is Elder U, another Honduran. He seems nice enough, has a year in the mission. Nice guy. 
      These next couple of weeks will be a little tricky, we need to find a ton of new people to teach. We were doing really well in Izalco but even with that when you divide it in half its not a ton of people to teach. Right now we are trying to find as many new people to teach as possible. Before I was always kinda shy about street contacting, I just never felt comfortable with it, or knocking doors really. But this past week that has all gone away. I actually kinda enjoy it now. The first moment when you ask them to stop and talk to you is always a little awkward but after that Its just sharing the gospel and it's fun! The members here are awesome,, Hermano G is really helping us a lot with finding new people. Our zone has a goal of 50 baptisms to start on a good foot with the new mission president, President H, who should be coming on the 28th. Its now almost official, I belong to the El Salvador, San Salvador West/ Belize mission. Craziness. 
      So this past Sunday was the Stake conference here in Sonzacate, a seventy came and spoke. He had a really interesting approach to how we should live the gospel. He said that the things we need to do to live the gospel well are: have FHE, study the scriptures and pray, and have a smile on your face. It was a piece of advice that I needed for sure. He reminded me of the baptist preachers we hear here all the time. He kinda shouted and did a lot of arm waving, but it kept me awake so that was good! 
     This past Sunday we had a baptism of I M, she is awesome. We met her knocking doors and from day one she was so accepting. We taught the word of wisdom and she stopped drinking coffee that day. Her husband and mother in law are somewhat (very) anti-Mormon. As we were leaving to go to stake conference the mother in law shouted "ellos no creen en el mismo Dios." {They don't believe in the same God} But she didn´t pay any attention, she is amazing.
      Well I love you guys and hope everything goes well, have fun!
Elder Schriever