Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Fam!
    Well this week was a pretty sweet. Right now we are busy trying to find new people to teach, which always makes for some interesting times. You never run into the weirdos and crazies like when you are contacting. There were a couple of days where it seemed like we had talked to everyone and no one wanted to listen. On Thursday we had contacted for almost 3 hours and found nobody. It was 8:40 and we were starting to make our way back towards the house, a couple blocks from the house we saw a little comedor, that sells hamburgers and smoothies, for about a dollar each. So we figured we instead of doing L.P.E (lecciones para encontrar) we would do H.P.E (hamberguesas para encontrar) not to be confused with P.P.E (pupusas para encontrar) anyway we ordered our food and then while they were making it we started talking to them. He wasn´t very interested at all. But he did tell us that his dad was going to the stake center in Sonzacate. But when we payed and left we left a pamphlet of the plan of salvation with our names and phone number. 
     I went back to the house kinda frustrated. I had been praying hard all week to find the people that are looking for the gospel, because I know they exist. I remember a conference quote by one of the apostles that goes something like ¨with an increase in the number of missionaries the lord is preparing more hearts. Anyway I was frustrated and anxious after not finding anyone the whole day. But Saturday night we were walking by and the guy from the comedor was in the doorway. He called us over and said that he really liked the pamphlet we left him and wanted to learn more. We taught him a quick lesson because we had another appointment and set a return date for Tuesday. It was definitely an answer to my prayer and a huge blessing. We'll see what happens. 
     For the most part everything is going really well. We finally got a blender and I can´t wait to start making papaya smoothies. I would like to start eating healthier and I´m hoping that a fruit smoothie every morning will help me do that. A member family the other day gave me a 1 colón coin. Colónes are what El Salvador used before switching to the dollar, and they are somewhat difficult to find. It was pretty sweet. 
     Anna mentioned that you guys went to a Cuban restaurant and ate lots of platanos and yucca. In answer to your question yes they eat a ton of that here. Fried Yucca is really good, and in soup. A traditional breakfast here is: pan fried bananas, Casamiento (refried beans mixed with rice) eggs, and sour creme. It is easily one of my favorite meals here. They also eat lots of yucca especially out in the bush. 
     Well It sounds like you all are doing well and having fun, at least for the most part. Love you all and wish you the best. 

Elder Schriever