Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Fam,
 If there was a theme song for this week it woud be ¨Psycho¨by Mudd. On tuesday, I believe it was, I woke up sitting up in my bed with my hands out in front of me holding an invisible book of mormon, teaching. When my companion turned on the light and woke me up I was inviting the investigator to choose who was going to say the prayer. But I was speaking and dreaming in Spanish so that's good. I still felt like a freak though but we at least get a few good laughs out of it. 
     This drunk athiest guy keeps shouting at us in the park as we walk by, it's kinda funny what he says but at the same time we try not to make a scene so we just kinda keep walking. I don´t have a  lot of time because we are going to President's house after to eat lunch. President Hintze comes in four days and the mission will divide when he gets here, so the next few days will be full of interviews, multi-zone meetings, and whatnot. It's gonna be sad to say goodbye but there will be a lot of new areas and new people so I won´t have much time to dwell on people in the other mission or President Cordón, but he is awesome, a very inspired man. 
     You guys talked about how you didn´t go to the conference yesterday, which was unfortunate. It was very good. They talked a lot about how finding new investigators, rescuing inactive members, strengthening the strong members, and doing family history work is all related and we shouldn´t think of them as seperate. I especially liked the talk by Boyd K. Packer. 
      As far as interesting foods/fruit this week I tried mamón peluda aka lychee. I will try to send pictures  but it's the fruit that is in that one Taiwanese jello. I also had Mora soup, its kinda like a spinach soup but tastes a little better than spinach in my opinion. 
       This week we made some progress with the V Famiy, they are super awesome but if they all get baptized it will be a miracle. They were the "starter" family for the Tabernaculo Biblico church here in Izalco. Or basically they were a strong famiy that came here and helped their missionaries get the church started. But the mom told us the other day that she is going to get married and baptized, we will have to see what the husband has to say but fingers crossed! We found some new investigators up in this place called Teschal, a little bit of a walk to get there but it's super pretty up there, lots of fields and a pretty good view of the volcano. Okay that's it for time. Love you all and have a great week! I want to see more pictures!

Elder Schriever