Sunday, June 1, 2014

End of May

Well my watch tells me that it is the end of May, and I guess I believe it because my month`s money is getting close to 0 but I honestly doesn`t feel like another months has already passed by. Changes are this Wednesday, I don`t anticipate moving or having my companion changed but you never know. I found out this week that Elder S is going to Belize, which means that every missionary that I have trained is in Belize. Craziness. It will be cool to find out where he is going. I am guessing he is going to be put as a zone leader this change, there are like 8 going home so it would make sense. I was talking to a gringo that we ran into on friday and when he asked me how long another missionary had been in the mission field, I told him "he has like 21 months" and he laughed and told me that I must have a lot of time too because in english you don`t "have" time. I didn`t even realize it. I also helped out a member with English homework and was a little embarrased because I have forgotten all kinds of grammer rules (not that I ever was any good at it) It took me a while to figure out how to say most things.
   This week we found a few new investigators, some of them through our own efforts and others through members. It has been a struggle, but we are finally getting more and more investigators. We need many more but its not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. We started teaching this guy from San Miguel that lived in the states and has perfect english, he has an aunt that I met over in Ciudad Arce that is a member so at least he has some connection to the church. He seems eager to learn so we will see how that goes. We also started teaching the sister of the ward mission leader`s girlfriend, named E. She couldn`t come to church this week but hopefully next week she will come. She works as a full time English teacher, so its a little hard to find time. but we will make it happen. I have made a goal to talk to more people on the street, its something that I have never really liked doing but I am starting to like it a little more. It's cool to hear about peoples lives and get a brief glimpse about what its like to be them. Most people here if you try to talk to them on the street won`t stop to talk but on the bus they don`t have any choice, we take the bus around 3-4 times a day so there are plenty of opportunities to talk. Before I leave I want to contact an entire bus. Someday I will do it.
    This week for our zone activity we went lasertagging it was pretty fun, my team sucked it up but I did awesome, we wanted to go paintballing but weren`t able to. When I get back home I will go. This week I read a lot in the book of Alma about the story of Ammon, and the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. It was impressive to think of the love that that people had to bury their swords instead of fight and break their covenant. In chapter 24 verse 16 it says: "We will bury them in the depth of the earth so that they shall maintain their luster, as a testimony in the last day that we never have used them, and if our bretheren destroy us behold we will go to our God and be saved" I admire their courage and their faithfullness in keeping their covenants with God. I hope we all can be the same way. Well thats all I got for now hope you all enjoy the start of summer break and have a good week! love you all!
Elder Schriever