Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9

Another week come and gone,
     Sounds like you all are doing well and enjoying the first few days of summer. We are getting into the heavier part of winter here (rainy season) which means that we are always carrying umbrellas and ponchos. I like it because it cools everything down, and even though it stays pretty humid I have adapted and would rather it be cool and humid, than hot and drier. The only bad thing is when we want to dry our clothes, if we leave our clothes out to dry during the day and it rains the clothes start to stink, bad. so we try and leave them out during the mornings and move the clothes inside when we leave to work, we jimmy-riged some wire lines inside so we can do that, with a fan the clothes dry in a few hours. This morning I washed like five shirts (washing by hand takes forever) and almost all of my socks, hopefully it doesn´t rain before we get back to the house. I was looking at my shirt as I was cleaning it and was suprised at how worn it was. the fabric is really worn down, and there are holes where it has been scrubbed a few to many times, the collar is also starting to wear out. And I love it!!! I remember seeing the older missionaries clothes and thinking wow that is so worn! maybe someday my clothes will be like that too! Well that day is coming fast. I am also going to send you guys a picture of my shoes, I think you will enjoy it.
     We had a really good week this week. We planned a family home evening in the chapel with President Hintze. We had spent the past week or two inviting everyone and anouncing it in sacrament meeting, everything. when it was time to start at 7pm there was like 5 people there, I was pretty mad because we had commited so many people to coming, but we decided to wait a few minutes longer before starting at around 7:15 people came by the dozen, at 7:20 we started and there were about 80 people there, just a little bit under what the attendance in sacrament meeting usually is. It was a great lesson about Lehi´s vision and the iron rod, President talked about a mountain he climbed in Zion´s park called Angel´s landing, the trail is about a yard wide, and on either side there is a 9000, and 12000 foot drop, there is a chain that runs the whole trail that you hold on to to climb. It was a great way to talk about the iron rod. It made me want to take a trip down to Zion´s Park! someday I will go.
     This week E T finally came to church! adn she is going to get baptized on June 29th ! On Tuesday we had an amazing lesson with her. She was a little confused and undicisive the lesson before and when we invited her to be baptized she said she would prepare but she seemed unsure. She read a ton in the Book of Mormon, and prayed all night long, and finally got her answer. It was so cool to see the change. She told us that she felt like she needed to be baptized again (she was baptized catholic as a child) It was great we just need to finish teacher her but she is super happy and we are too. We had an appointment with E this week for Saturday but he never showed up, and he nor his family came to church so we´re not sure what´s going on there. we are hoping to talk to him again this week. We´ll see what happens. we are back to looking for new less active members to teach, we got a reference for this family that live super far out in the jungle which we will be contacting on Thursday, should be way fun to be out in the bush again. The 6 pm curfew got lifted so you guys don´t have to worry, everything is better now. We went to visit a recent convert family that live super far away as well, it was up in the hills, and it was almost cold up there! super foggy. It was kinda like the rainforest in Oregon, but more tropical plants, super cool. Overall the mission work is moving along, which makes me happy.
     In his letter to me Eli told me about how Modest Mouse is coming to Boise, that made me a little jealous but I guess thats just how it goes. we saw some pretty cool concerts when Eli was gone as well. I was thinking the other day that pretty soon we will need to sign me up for classes for BYU and start apartment hunting. do you guys know how that will work? we sill have plenty of time so don´t worry to much about it. Well that´s about all that´s going on right now.
     I was reading this week in Deuterononomy (sp?) and I was reading in chapter 6 where the children of isreal are about to enter the promised land, Moses warns them not to forget God when they prosper and when they don´t have any problems. keeping records and basic habits are the best way to constantly remember something. I wasthinking that we should start a family history, kinda like a scrapbook to remember trips, special events etc... that we could add to every year and then someday have a record of all that we have done. I think it would be pretty cool, something to think about. Well thats all I got hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you soon!

Elder Schriever