Monday, June 23, 2014

23 de junio

Whats poppin fam?
    We had a great week here in the Cima. First off last monday we went to president`s house to suprise him with a cake and tie for Father`s day. we planned the whole thing with Sister Hintze and he was... well suprised. It was pretty fun and i feel like eveyone had a good time. I am going to send a few pictures that I took there. Their house is on the 22nd floor of a 25 story appartment building. It has an amazing view, you can see all of San Salvador, Including our area from his house. Its funny because one of the missionaries that was in my area a few months ago had a pair of binoculars ( I`m still not quite sure why) but he called President Hintze one night at like 11 to tell him that he could see his appartment. I think they were a little creeped out!
    Anyway after that it was back to mission work. Our area is super narrow and really long, all of our investigators are on both extremes of the area which makes it a challenge to get a lot done due to travel times, but we try and make the  best of it. We didn`t really find any new people to teach this week, but the people we have are progressing super well. E is getting ready for her baptism this Sunday, and she is super prepared, we leave her a reading assignment, or a pamphlet and the next time we come to "teach" her she basically explains it to us! At the very most we answer a few questions and testify, but not much more. The H family (R, D, and E) are doing great as well they all came to church and are thinking about getting baptized in July, They all love church, yesterday we talked more about the book of mormon and I think it finally clicked. We talked a lot about the visit of Jesus Christ to the Americas and I think they liked it alot! E says he wants to get baptized around the end of July so July is going to be a great month for us!
   There is also a recent convert family that live forever away that is coming back, the familia P. We are super glad to see they are coming to church. it is a big sacrifice because it really is a big walk, especially with a 2 year old. But they are making it, which is awesome!
   This week I hit the dreaded 18 month mark, the sister mission. It was weird to think that this is the last six months of my mission. In a Lacrosse game the 4th quarter, the most important one. My companion goes home in about two weeks so he is getting suuuuuper baggy, its hard to stay focused but I'll make it, somehow, He goes home on July 9th which means that for my birthday I will get a new companion. I can`t wait to be 21, I will be able to buy alcohol, pistols, and have full citizenship! Whoopie! (not that it will do me any good to be able to buy alcohol) I feel old, but I guess that will only get worse.
   I loved seeing the pictures of Sam McGregor that Laura sent me, he looked super happy! and much different that when he left! I can`t wait to as Eli puts it "form the spanish club" we will have all kinds of fun, especally since there are all kinds of swear words from Peru that are normal here, and swear words in El Salvador that are normal in Peru. It will make things interesting... (next time you see Sam McGregor tell him  "Chucha" for me)
    Well thats about all that`s going on here in good old El Salvador hope you guys have a good week and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Elder Schriever