Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day (almost)

Well first off, ¡Feliz Dia del Padre! here in El Salvador father´s day is tommorow, so whenever I checked the calender to see when it was it said Tuesday the 17th which seemed weird to me that it wasn´t on a Sunday but I didn´t think much of it. Sounds like dad is partying it up in San Fransisco, and not with the rest of the family, but he can celebrate it by going out to eat, I reccomend pupusas, but thats just me. There should be lots of Salvadorean restaurants in San Francisco because everyone here and their dog has a family member who lives in either Los Angeles, San Fransisco, or Washington D.C. there are probably more Salvadoreneans in the states than in El Salvador. I figured I would celebrate fathers day by reminding dad of a few ¨precious¨ moments that we have had. Like the time he baked pizza and all the toppings fell into the oven adn he shouted ¡I WILL NEVER MAKE PIZZA AGAIN! or the time when we were stuck in traffic on the way to grandma´s house when he shouted ¡YOU SUCK! to the poor construction flaggers. but in all seriousness I will always remember the backpacking trips to the tin cup loop in the sawtooths, late night shooting star gazing, agate hunting on the beach (for days), woodcarving, late night Halo fests, and countless other hours well spent together, Thank you Dad you are the best. here is a way cool mormon message that talks about fatherhood:
    This week was really awesome. We for the first time had a decent amount of investigators in church, Seven in total, only five are really progressing well, but we are happy for now. E came and is super excited to be baptized on the 29th. She loves coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon, people often talk about ¨golden investigators¨ and thats what she is. E prayed and decided that he wants to be baptized around July 15th, its hard to teach him so its good to have a little more time to teach him everything. But we are super excited that he has taken the decision to get baptized, he took a few weeks to decide but he seems sure. Elder V leaves for his house on my birthday so he won´t get to be there but the important thing is that he gets baptized. yesterday for the first time came the H Family, R, E, and D E, They are some friends of a less active member who is coming back to church, and introduced us. They live out in the jungle which is super awesome. it feels good to have mud on my shoes and hike through the rainforest to get to their house. They actually live closer to the chapel than we do, and they are super excited to learn about the gospel, we haven´t gotten to teach E much but he has liked everything so far, They seemed a little bored in sacrament meeting, but they really enjoyed the second two hours. we are going to go visit them Tuesday to see how they are doing hopefully they will have read, and prayed about the message. All in all we are super excited for how things are going finally we are starting to ¨Echar Penca¨ or ¨throw fire¨ as we say here in ´dor. Also F had a legal hearing, the second to last, and things are looking pretty good, we are going to wait to the last hearing, until things have cleared up legally with her, but we are hoping that the grandma will have legal tutorage by late July and she will get baptized then. All in all things are going really well and it makes me happy.
     I can´t believe Elder McGregor is finishing! that´s so crazy! he must be pretty happy right now, and nervous. I feel nervous about finishing my mission, This week I hit 18 months the sisters mission. I know that my time is going fast but I want it to last, I love being a missionary so much. thank you all for writing me and congratulations to Anna for getting a job! the world will never have seen a more talented fry maker than her ;) have a good one everyone!
Elder Schriever