Monday, November 3, 2014

Changes without much change

Hey family how´s it going?!
    This week was crazy, we had so much stuff going on! First things first. Changes. Nothing crazy big happened Elder R and Elder R went home. I was pretty sad to see them go. They are both great guys and were great companions. I am gonna miss them alot. They both seemed very happy and relieved to be going home. Maybe content is the better word. After two years of hard work and finishing with honor it is a big deal. This time it hit me hard, knowing that when the next changes come around, it will be me who is giving my testimony and packing my bags, what a scary thought. It just doesn´t quite seem real. I have six weeks to get as much good done as I can. I want to baptize another family before I go. That is the goal. My new companios are super cool, one is Elder G, from Mexico City, He speaks english and comes from a pretty well off family so he is almost like a gringo. He is a really cool guy and a great missionary we are going to do great! The other is Elder R from Utah, he is a cool guy too. he is pretty young and still has around six months to go, it has got to be hard being with a bunch of dying missionaries. Poor kid. 
    I have been driving lots this past week since I am the only one that has a liscence for the meantime. I have gotten lots better at weaving through traffic and getting places fast. Its pretty fun. There are basically no speed limits here. Its great. I have only killed one dog so far so I´m doing okay. 
    This week we also had the mission temple tour, I was in charge of leading the meeting which was crazy because I had to coordinate the groups and make sure that the timing was right. At one point there were like 400 people there and some groups were going too fast, others were behind. It was pretty stressful but it turned out well, we had everything color coordinated to determine the groups but some people still didn`t understand. But it made for a super stressful week. This week is going to be more relaxed we have several multizone meetings, and then the whole mission is going through a temple session. Its going to be a good, low stress week. Just teaching the gospel and talking to people, I can do that. This week one of our big focuses is going to be taking all of our recent converts to the temple to do baptisms. I think it will help them all feel the spirit and get a better apreciation for the temple. It's something that so many people don`t understand. This week Sister J came back to church for the first time in over twenty years it was great to see. She has some stuff to work out but she will get through it. 
    Well that is about all thats going on working hard and having fun. hope you all have a great week and I`ll talk to you soon.