Monday, November 17, 2014

17th of November

Wow what a great week!
    I am just super excited right now. We had a fantastic week. Monday started off pretty good, nothing too out of the ordinary. We just hung out, and had a few family home evenings. Tuesday was back to work. I went to go visit this zone called Puerto la Libertad, which is right on the coast. It was pretty good, we found a couple of new investigators, taught some of their positive investigators, and did a few baptismal interviews. It was soooo hot. I was about ready to tear the tie off, but luckily I didn´t. That part of the coast has a beach called "El Tunco" which I hear is ranked number #3 of best surfing beaches in the world. It's on my bucket list to visit someday. 
    On Wednesday and Thursday I was in Antiguo Cuscatlan working in our own area. It is always an adventure seeing what's going to happen. Most of the people we are teaching are pretty flaky so lots of appointments fall down. Sometimes we spent too much time running around and not enough time teaching lessons. But we´re working on that. What the Bishop has asked us to do is focus on working and getting a better relationship with the members. So instead of knocking doors we should visit the members and help them out. It has been great so far, we are working with the family members of the elder´s quorum president. It is so much more enjoyable working with members than alone. It's great. 
    Friday I went back to Izalco to work. I got to go to this place called San Julian, which is from my first district. It´s super rural with lots of farms, and sugar cane fields. It was way good. There was a relatively new missionary that I got to work with named Elder M who is super tall. I come up to his shoulder. He is a volleyball player and will probably play for BYU after the mission. Super cool guy, he´s just starting but he´s doing good. It was a flashback to back in the day when I was first starting. Weird. 
   The highlight of the week was Saturday with the sealing of J and L. R and P were there as well. As well as their mom who was sealed to her deceased husband and two of her children. It was a fantastic day. It was the best to be able to see the whole progression from talking to Jacob for the first time, to seeing him get married and baptized, to sealed this past week. There were many other missionaries who worked hard during this past year to make sure that happened, who weren't there to see it. It's humbling to realize that there is no one person that deserves the credit for the good that is done. It is an effort and achievment of many. 
    I am nervous about the cold it sounds like things are pretty chily up there, I am not to sure how well I am going to deal with that. I am too used to the heat. Thank you all for writing me and for taking the time to share what's going on. It really helps me feel connected and not totally cut off from the world. This week is going to fly by and then I will be talking to you soon. Next Monday I will be in Belize, so I might not quite get to write for the whole time. Have a great week!
Elder Schriever