Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th

Well family this week flew by and I hardly know where it went! 
    We had a pretty good week. I feel like I learned some new and important things. one of them being that Papa John´s all you can eat doesn´t sound that good after ten slices. One of the other things was about the importance of daily morning Book of Mormon study.  Sometimes we leave the house at around 8 in the morning, and we don´t get back until late at night. I realized that I am starting to loose the habit of reading my scriptures in the morning, and was reading them at night. It's not bad exactly but its not the best. I decided that I need to make a habit of reading the Book of Mormon during the first hour that I am awake. It really has made a difference. I just feel like my whole day goes so much better. I also feel like I have some more material when I have to pull a lesson out of nowhere. It's a habit I want to have my whole life. 
    We had a leadership meeting this week with all of the zone leaders, President talked about a pretty cool topic. He talked about how the difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how we use them. I always have seen the "Problems" of investigators as a huge issue and something that takes away from their spiritual experience. But it was interesting to realize that it depends on how the people take those "problems" that will turn them into opportunities. for example, I went to this area called Monserrat with some elders to teach a family. They are good people, just plain and simple, awesome family. But the dad does not want to get married, at all. He said "I feel that I have made a commitment with my wife in my heart, and that's what's important" he doesn`t feel the need to be married quite yet. We started to explain the law of chastity to him but it was pretty clear that we were going to get nowhere trying to convince him that marriage is for him. So in the end we just left the pamphlet, and committed him to pray and ask God what he should do. When I left I realized that this is the way it has to be. If he can receive an answer and overcome his doubts it will be a strong part of his conversion, and will be a source of spiritual strength for the future. So when I am walking through my area wondering who on earth I am going to teach, it helps to remember that "stumbling blocks can become stepping stones" We were able to find a bunch of new people this week to teach and we are having more support from the members. It's been great. This coming weekend J and L are going to get sealed in the temple. Its going to be a great week! I`ll be sure to take lots of puctures to send to you all. 
     Right now the mission just seems super dead, everyone seems to be tired and lifeless. So me and my companions are basically the cheerleaders right now, just trying to get everyone excited about missionary work and going out to get stuff done. This week we are going to be all over the place. Its gonna be great. I was looking at our schedule for the next few weeks and its going to be crazy. We have this week where we have a full week to work, then the next week will be basically all meetings. The next week we will be in Belize and then its the last full week before changes. So basically I have two full weeks to work in my area. We gotta leave it all on the field. We have found some really exciting new investigators and I really want to teach them. Today is going to be a chill day, I just want to relax for a few hours. Sounds like everyone is doing good, getting greared up for the holiday season. I love you all and hope this week is the best! 
Elder Schriever

P.S. The picture is the V family who I helped get sealed, they came to the mission temple activity!