Monday, July 1, 2013

1st of July

Hey Fam!
      Sounds like you all are doing well, a little toasty but doing well. I would just like to remind you all of the wonderful blessing of air conditioning. There are only a few places here where you can find it, in the super market, cibers, and stake center. In the house a cold shower is the best substitute. I got the package from the McGregors this past week, make sure to give them a huge thank you from my companion and me, it was delicios. I especially loved the york mint pieces! I had no idea they even existed but they do and they are amazing. The stretch Island fruit strips took me back to 4th grade when we used to get them every day in our sack lunches that we took to school. Good times.
     So far there really haven´t been that many changes in the mission life with all of the changes. Tomorrow we go to San Salvador for a mission renunion so thats when things should start to feel at least a little different. I am ppretty excited to meet president Hintze, he sounds like a really nice guy. To answer Dad's question about Elder R  is still in the same mission as I am, different district but same zone. I was pretty excited about that, it's nice having someone to reminisce with about good ol´ Idaho.  The next couple weeks should be full of meetings, reunions, ect. but thats okay they are kinda fun. I am way excited to go to the reunion tommorow because we can go to the distrubution center and buy some hymnbooks, oil containers ect... things that missionaries love.
    This week saw a few changes in the ward, the first councelor left for Costa Rica suddenly, not sure exactly why. The second councelor got a job so he´s super busy, and due to a bunch of other strange circumstances a lot of the really hard working members can´t be with us. But I guess we just have to adapt and keep working hard.  
    I was really glad to hear that you guys started a family photo album, if I remember right there was a talk in conference that mentioned that we should keep a family book of remembrance. I think It would be awesome if you guys could make a weekly entry with pictures, funny stories, key events, maybe my mission letters, no sé. I think someday it would be cool to look back and see what went on week to week. I have been trying to write more consistantly in my Journal and write better entries. I know that some day I will be glad I did.
    I don´t know why you guys don´t want to say anything about the beach trip, I get to preach the gospel in El Salvador, there is nothing more fun or rewarding than that! I want to hear details and see pictures! Anyways hope everything goes well, Eli drink lots of water, and take breaks at work. We don´t want a repeat of the temple retaining wall heat exhaustion incident. Take care everyone!
Elder Schriever