Thursday, July 25, 2013


Whats happening family?
     This week was fairly interesting, I'm gonna spend some time explaining some of the new changes with the mission. Number one, President and Hermana Hintze, awesome people, very patient and very friendly. They both seemed nervous but I think they will do great. They both speak Spanish with an Argintinian accent (cho me chamo President Hintze, instead of yo me llamo presidente Hintze) but that's okay;) they showed us a slide show of their lives and when I saw the pictures of where Hermana Hintze grew up I did a double take, the first picture was of Grace High School! I almost couldn´t believe it, they were telling us that its a tiny little town in Idaho, but the whole time I was thinking ¨they probably know the McGregors¨ It turns out that Hermana Hintze knows Jim from high school! Her name was Diana Matthews, President worked on their potato farm when he was a kid so he knows the area fairly well. Also they have a daughter that got back from the Taipei Taiwan mission about two years ago! Do you know her Eli? 
      Anyway a few very cool rule changes, first off we can Skye for Christmas and mothers day, not that big but its a cool guarantee, more importantly We can write for 75 minutes, 15 to president and reporting numbers and 60 to family and friends, so my hope is that I will be able to write a little bit longer letters and hopefully some personal ones as well. also we can now drink Coke, which is kinda weird, I don´t really want to drink it, but now when a really poor family offers it to us I don´t have to feel bad about drinking it. (spirit of the law, letter of the law) but other than that most of the stuff is the same, Same companion (i´m senior comp), but now there is the possibility of going to San Salvador, they apparently have McDonald's, Wendy´s and apparently Quizno´s. but we still can only go to the temple twice a year, but I´ll live.
     This week we didn´t get a ton done because my companion was sick. It didn´t help that most of what we ate this week was beans, what I have been doing is taking the beans and water that they were cooked in, heat them up in the microwave, and blend it up with hot dogs and add sour cream, it's really good and way cheap! But doesn´t help with the loose bowel movements. It was unfortunate but for a few days we only did a few visits every day. All of our investigators had some problems come up and couldn´t make it to church, but we brought some less active members so it turned out okay. Hopefully next week, our problem right now is that no one wants to get married.
     I was wondering if you guys could do something for me, I love it when members invite us over to have dinner, would you guys mind inviting over the Elders in Eagle over for dinner? I know they would appreciate it. 
   This week I bought myself a hammock as a birthday present, it is super comfortable and basically I love it, unfortunately there isn´t much time to spend with it but I try to make the most of it. I hope you all have a great time and everything goes well. Love you all! 
Elder Schriever