Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Up!

Hey family, 
    Sounds like you guys had a pretty sweet trip and its not quite over! Get out there and have fun! That kayaking trip looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully you guys are all relaxed and refreshed. 
      We had a multi zone with president Hintze and they taught us a cool little thing. Water in a train at 99.9 degrees doesn´t do anything, even though its really hot, but the extra .1 degree makes the difference and at 100 degrees the train moves. The extra bit of effort makes all the difference. 
      Hopefully today we are going to go to a member´s house and learn how to make pupusas. They don´t look too hard, but I still want to learn. I don´t want to pull an Eli and come back not knowing how to make any food from my country. They are super simple but very delicious. Corn flour, water, beans, cheese. The salsa is super easy too! You guys should try making them! Send me pictures when you do!
    As far as mission work goes things here are going okay, right now we are looking for more investigators, Transfers are on August 6th so coming up fast, but I don´t want to slow down just because transfers are getting close. It's weird to me to think that in this next change I will hit eight months! It's passing by so fast! My goal for this next week is to stress less, be happier, laugh every day, and love a little more. These past weeks I have been so worried about investigators, members, etc... that I was wearing myself out with stress. I was teaching lessons every night talking in my sleep. But this Sunday the topic was the pioneers. We were singing the song "oh esta todo bien" (come come ye saints) the message over all was even though there are problems, challenges, and difficulties, with faith and hope in the end all will work out. I realize that getting stressed and in a hurry all the time won´t help and just makes things worse. 
     One day this week, Tuesday, I felt pretty down, we were contacting almost all day because we didn´t have any citas and all we were finding were people who didn´t want to hear anything. But almost at the end of the day we found this super positive family. It just goes to show that with a little diligence and faith the lord will always help us through our problems. It was a cool experience in the end. I don´t want it to sound like I´m sad or anything, sometimes the road is a little rough, but I can always see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
     A member here has been reading my blog and told me that I don´t mention him enough so here´s a big shout out to Jaime Garrizano! For being the most Pilas member in Izalco! They are an awesome family here that help us out alot, definitely people I will want to come back and visit in the future. Also the family Menendez, Alvarado, Pacheco are all very wonderful people. 
    Well I'm gonna try and write some personal emails, I sent a letter to you guys last week and am in the process of writing another one. Hope everything goes well! Love you!
Elder Schriever