Thursday, July 25, 2013

What Up?

Hey family! 
     Well to let you know the packages came on the 10th, it was perfect. I was loving the galaxy brownies and gushers. And the Postal Service shirt is awesome, it makes a great addition to the Avengers shirt I bought here. The contact solution was a welcome addition, I was down to the last few drops of the other bottle I had, every night I carefully dropped about four drops into each cup, it was getting really close. The card Anna wrote was priceless, some errors in the stories but priceless nonetheless. I will definitely keep that forever. Thank you all so much for the package, it made my week. 
     This week went pretty well, as far as the mission work goes, we worked pretty hard. Unfortunately  we didn´t see some of the results we would have liked but sometimes that's just how it goes. We thought we had 8 people solidly committed to go to church and only 2 went, but I guess they have there agency, even though I sometimes wish they didn´t. But I guess that's how it is. Right now we are working with a few families and they really don´t want to get married, we´ll try and see what we can do but its gonna be a little tricky. I think I am starting to get a better picture of what it really means to be a missionary. It's important to not only try and find new people to bring to church but also try and strengthen the people that are already there. But I guess that's part of the struggle, We had a zone meeting where we talked about how Ammon was happy to have problems to solve, It was a different way to look at it. We have been working a lot really far out in the jungle, it's cool but the only problem is that the people out there have a harder time getting to church. The people that live in the center of town, are a little more hard to work with but I´m sure that the Lord is preparing hearts everywhere. 
     I'm glad to hear that you guys are gonna have a good time. I imagine that you guys are in the car right now. Car rides are awesome. I think getting called on jury duty actually sounds kinda fun! It will be interesting to see how it all works. Something to look forward to I guess. I can´t believe that this week I finish seven months, it seems like it's just getting faster and faster. Nuts, anyway hope you all have fun and take it easy. 

Elder Schriever