Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July! July!

Hello Everyone! how are you all doing?
   First things first this Sunday we had E T´s baptism, it was one of the best baptismal services I have seen. Probably because we didn´t have to do anything to prepare it. We just filled the font, and that was it! We didn´t have to direct the meeting, sing a hymn, or give a talk. This ward is amazing. There were lots of support from the ward and everything went well. E´s sister who is a member gave one of the talks, she cried for most of it. I think it was pretty hard for her to be the only member in her family, and I think that many prayers were answered yesterday when her sister got baptized. I only got a few pictures on my camera, but the T family has a Canon IES or some fancy professional camera like that so I will have to get the pictures from them. All in all a great experience and a good reminder of why I am in the mission. Elsa seems like the kind of person that is here to stay, and I think she will help many other people to help live the gospel.
   We also had a really good lesson, with A. we had a bunch of problems finally getting an appointment, but she is actually very positive. We had taught lesson 2 and invited her to be baptized. She basically told us no, her family doesn´t support her at all, and don´t like that she talks to us or goes to church. But we left her 2 Nephi 31 to read, and the next time we met with her we asked her how she felt about what she read. She paused for a long time and told us that she took a long time to read and ponder on the chapter. She said that she realized that if Jesus Christ was baptized than she too needed to be baptized, that it was a commitment with God, and not anyone else, not her family, not her boyfriend, not the missionaries. She told us strait out, "I am going to get baptized, I don´t know when, I have some changes to make first, but I am getting baptized" I could barely believe it. Taking the decision is over half the battle. I left that lesson not walking but floating. The H family´s dog bit my companion but other than that they are doing really well. They couldn´t come to church because they went to visit a relative far away. But they will come next week. All of the people we are teaching right now are progressing really well. My hope is that in July and
August we will have very successful months.
   Today for P-day we are going to do the "Salvadorian challenge 2014" for Elder F´s birthday which is today. It includes eating 10 pupusas and drinking 2.5 liters of Kolachampan. I am trying to prepare myself mentally for that. it should be a good contest. (I will send pictures next week) and then we will probably also play Phase 10 before or after depending on how we are feeling. Overall it is going to be a great day. the last P-day of June, craziness. My companion Elder V is getting super baggy now, he has just a little bit over a week left, so its understandable. He leaves on July 9th. Pretty soon he will be saying goodbye to everyone in the area. I am super happy for him, but its hard to have a a baggy companion.
   This morning while taking a shower I sang to myself the Decemberists song "July! July!" which by law can only be listened to during the month of July. I won´t be able to listen to it this year, but you guys will. I forgot most of the words and could just remember the first line "There is a road that meets the road that goes to my house, and nothing green grows there" and some of the chorus but that was enough for me. its hard for me to believe that is almost July, this second year has been passing by so fast, its hard to believe.
   This week our electric stove broke, and we haven´t gotten a new one from the office. On Sunday morning we couldn´t go out to buy something for breakfast, so I improvised and using the clothes iron I fried an egg, I took some pictures so I will send those after. It took like 20 minutes but it worked. I tell people that I have Salvadorian blood (because of so many mosquitos) but now I am thinking like one. Scary. Well other than that everything is pretty normal just working hard, trying to be inside when the rainstorms come. Great to hear from all of you and I hope this week goes well for all of you.
Elder Schriever