Monday, July 14, 2014

14th of July

Hey everyone how is everything going back in the good ole U S of A?
    Here in La Cima everything is going super well. Working hard and getting stuff done. First of all changes. My new companion is named Elder M from Guatemala. He is a super good missionary and a hard worker, we are going to get stuff done I am sure. I have at least 6 more weeks in La Cima which is going to be a big opportunity. We focused alot of energy this week in looking for new investigators, and we were able to find several. One of the biggest successes was when we had a lesson in the house of the P Family with a less active member named G and his sister who is 11 who isn`t baptized. R and E H also came and it was a really good lesson. We watched The Restoration video and I think they liked it alot. It helped them visualize what it was like.
    As far as my birthday goes it was way good. We got back to our area a little late but we made it back in time to eat lunch at Subway. I got a BBQ rib melt. it was sooooo good. With a chocolate chip cookie and grape soda. Best birthday lunch ever. I also got the package that you guys sent, wow I never realized how much I miss beef jerky before now. I still have a little bit left. I am saving my gummy octopuses and pistachios till later. I am also going to start using the excercise band. Thank you guys so much! On Monday the S family invited us over to eat and they made a cheese flan cake. It was interesting but I really liked it. They are super good people. On wednesday night the S family always has us over for dinner. It was soup, with rice and chicken. Birthdays in the mission are never exciting but this one was pretty good. I don`t feel any older or different but I guess thats how it always is. But now when I get back I will be able to buy any type of gun (not that I`ll have any money to do so). Me and Jake are already planning on getting our concealed weapons permits when we get back. Its gonna be awesome.
    So this week we are really focusing on R and E getting baptized. We are trying to help them recognize the answers to their prayers. R told us about how she had a dream where she was all dressed in white, with a bunch of other people. And she saw a message on the wall that said "the choice you have made is correct" she still seems to be a little scared of making a decision. We are planning a baptism for the 26th of July for them. I will keep you guys updated. F still is having some legal problems with her mom which is keeping her from being baptized. If you guys could keep her in your prayers that would be way good. Edwardo hasn`t been coming or answering his phone lately. We will keep trying to contact him. We found some other investigators but no one came to church, hopefully next week. We have been working better with the bishop alot better, he leaves with us every Saturday. The missionaries that were here kinda destroyed his trust. But we are slowly gaining it back.
    This week we have plans to do interchanges every single day of the week. It is going to be crazy, but the zone needs lots of help. We are going to go hard this week, and the next week I am glad to hear you are all happy and I look forward to talking to you soon!
Elder Schriever

Sitting in the hammock with Chucho