Monday, July 7, 2014

July the 7th

Another great week come and gone!
   This week we didn´t get alot of time to work because of meetings, helping other missionaries in their areas etc... but we were able to have some success. The week started out with the 2014 Salvadorian Challenge. Which was a success. I was able to finish all ten pupusas but the kolashampan was to much for me. I drank about half the bottle and wanted to throw up. Out of the six elders 4 finished the ten pupusas, Elder F finished but threw up, and two only ate 5, or 6... Girls. I have some pictures to so you will get to see about how big the pupusas were. It was one of those things that you don´t do very often, but it was fun.
   On tuesday we had the leader´s meeting with President Hintze. We talked about qualities of leaders, and working hard. We ate waffles and had sloppy joes and nachos. Overall a good meeting.
   On wednesday we found out that Elder F who has been in the same district as me for 9 months and is one of my best friends from the mission is going to Belize, well he already left so he is in Belize. I was a little bummed but super happy for him. We had his companion Elder T with us for about two days, until he got a substitute companion. We went over to a members house who is a huge advocate of herbalife supplements. She had us take a BMI and body composition test. The results were not quite what I would have hoped but not as bad as I feared. I weigh 195 pounds right now with 19.7% body fat. Not terrible, just a little over average. My BMI says I am severely overweight but BMI isn´t a very useful indicator. But overall I am going to start being more carefull with what I eat and start doing more excercise. It will help me be healthier and happier. I bought lentils the other week and have started eating them with whole grain rice. Super healthy and filling! Taste isn´t amazing but I´ll live with that. Elder V cooked beans one morning and forgot to turn off the stove. When we got back at 9 at night they were literally charcoal. The house reeked for like two days but its mostly gone now.
   The best thing about having a companion that is leaving is that all the members invite you over for dinner, and lunch.  I have eaten more pupusas this week than any other week on my mission. We haven´t cooked for days because people just keep inviting us. It is pretty nice actually, but makes it hard to get lots of lessons in. I am looking forward to this week and getting  back to work. The zone needs some help right now so there isn´t time to think about anything other than the work. May and June were excellent months, and July needs to be the same. Sounds like everyone is doing great, having car troubles but enjoying the 4th of july and all it brings. Thank you all for writing me and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!
Elder Schriever