Monday, July 21, 2014

July, July, never seemed so strange

  Wow this week was HOT!!! It was around 90 degrees almost every day, which isn´t that hot, but it was the 95% humidity that gets to me. I just sweat and sweat. By the end of the day my shirt is just filthy. But thats how I know that it was a good day of work.  I have been uping the amount of water I am drinking. I probably drink around 4 liters a day but i still feel like I need more. Maybe I will step it up to like 5 or six! The good thing is that most of the houses here don´t have sheet metal roofs, they have tile roofs which are lots cooler. But when we visit the houses that have corrugated metal houses it is an oven. you can feel the heat from the ceiling. Its weird because normally in July it doesn´t stop raining, but there is a drought right now.
     Anyway, as far as missionary work goes this was a fantastic week. Elder M and I decided we need to help out the zone a little more so we are doing interchanges or visiting the sisters area every day. From Tuesday till Sunday we were in interchanges or spent about 3-4 hours working in other areas. It took its toll on our own area, but we were able to help the zone out and the lord blessed us as well. Up until Monday of this week we had one baptism in the zone for the month, which for here is really bad. but right now we have six baptismal dates for this Saturday and possibly one more. We are super happy about that, and grateful that we have so many good missionaries in our zone. They really are fantastic. In our own area E and R H decided to get baptized on Saturday. They truly are amazing. We had some really good lessons with them this week, and they both decided to do it. The ward is great as well. Super welcoming, and really supportive. They both have learned lots and have a great testimony. R even has given pamphlets to her neighboor and we have started to teach him as well! We didn´t even ask her too! You can see someone's conversion when they want to share it with others.
   On Monday we had interviews with President Hintze. They were as always super good. i always leave feeling better about myself and excited to do better. We talked a lot about all of the sick missionaries in our Zone. We have so many people that have come here to get better. Its another thing we have to worry about. Making sure they don´t push themselves too hard and that they can recover. Almost all of them are getting better, just a few that are still a little sick. Hopefully this week they will get better.
    Today we are going to play soccer as a zone. We are super excited. After the world cup there are some hard feelings from the Mexicans. We will see who wins. My hopes of scoring lots of goals are basically zero but my defense should be a little bit better. It is going to be way fun to run around and play. I don´t do it enough.
    One of the things I read this week in the Book of Mormon was in Nephi 8, the vision of the tree of life. I love how after tasting of the fruit (or the gospel) Lehi wants his family to try it as well. And calls out to them and motions for them to come. He does all he can to get them to come. and even when Laman and Lemuel don´t come he still encourages them "like a loving father." to come and partake of the fruit. We too can help and encourage those we love to choose the right, they may or may not decide to come at first. but we have the responsibility to help them along in their journey on the path to eternal life. Well thats all I got for now. Thanks to all of you for writing me and I hope you all have a good week!
Elder Schriever