Friday, January 11, 2013

MTC Week 4

What's good fam?

        Well its been another great week here at the MTC, in response to your questions: Right now I am in a trio with Elder N and B. It has gone alot better than I thought it would, I thought that it would be hard to get three people to go to the bathroom at the same time and still be friends but somehow it works. You guys were right, my layover is from 9:30 PM on the 15th to 12:30 AM on the 16th, It will be a big day for me becuase not only will I be in California for the first time, but I will also be leaving the United States for the first time also weird. I haven't heard too much about the Guat CCM, but I do know that they CCM and the Guatemala City Temple are in the same compound as each other. Im kinda hoping that they let us go out into the city and contact and get used to being out in the real world, but who knows. Dad: just put the guns in my room they should be clean enough to be left alone but you you guys go shooting again you'll want to clean them just a little bit. I will try my best to find an amanita if they let us out of the compound when we're down there but if they don't ill just have to look for one in El Salvador, I'm sure they have them there too. I'm sad that I'm gonna miss Katie in the MTC but i'm excited for her to get out in the field, wish her good luck for me

       In answer to your question mom I have been lucky enough to never have gotten the flu, which is a huge blessing on new years day Elder G threw up probably ten times, not fun. I was suprised to hear about the Camry Catastrophe, but the important thing is that no one was hurt. Despite Grandpa's famous line "fingers and toes heal, but tools never grow back" people are more important than cars. Thanks so much for all of your letters every time I get something in the mail it makes my whole day better, even if it is Dad gloating over the fact that he can listen to Bon Iver and I can't. actually today I had "the grand illusion" by STYX stuck in my head, no idea why. its funny how when you are really tired you think of the weirdest songs that you haven't listened too in forever. okay this computer is kinda freaking out right now so ill try to write what I can, I actually feel like my spanish is coming along fairly well, at least my "mormon missionary lesson spanish", so basically I can teach a lesson fairly well but if I try and have a normal conversation with someone I am clueless, my hope is that once I get to Guatemala i won't be able to speak English at all and I will learn alot faster. I guess We will just have to see. Other than that not a whole lot goes on here in the MTC, we try to make it fun and enjoyable and i find myself laughing alot. I have never laughed until I cried very much before being here at the MTC, It helps being super tired and having your brains so scrambled after learning all day that you can't think. okay several of you have mentioned in your email about the missionary mutual activities, would you want to ask Brother McC if he wants me to write a letter to the YM/YW about what the MTC is like? anyway from what i can tell from your letters you are all having a good time. the only thing that I wish you guys would do is just tell me stories in detail and don't assume that other people are telling them, its happened several times where everyone is telling me a story (Anna's Camry fiasco for example) and everyone says "i'm sure everyone will tell you all about this story so ill just make this quick" and I don't get to hear the entire story. it's kinda funny actually. But I love to hear whats going on. anyway love you guys lots and talk to you soon!

Con amor,

Elder Schriever