Monday, January 7, 2013

Off Schedule Email

well i realize that this email will come as a bit of a surprise but i promise i am doing it "legally" elder G is packing up for the ccm in guatemala so we have a half p-day today which is kinda cool. by the way the shift key on this keyboard isn't working so i apoligize for that it's actually bothering me alot. i've heard that the computers here in the laundry room can send pictures so im gonna try and figure that out. I just got an email that said that d todd christopherson will be at the guatemalan ccm the day after i get there for a meet and greet thing! should be way cool/fun. other than that not a whole lot has happened, nothing much has happened since my last email but ill try to get these pictures on an email so you guys can see what it's like here at the ccm.