Monday, January 7, 2013

No Dice

Whats good fam?

      Well elder g needs to pack up to leave for guatemala so i get an extra half p-day! I heard that you could send pictures on the computers in the laundry room and it looks like you can but I guess you need to have an SD card reader to be able to send pictures on an email. bummer, hopefully I can send pictures in a week or so when I get to the guatemalan ccm. i send an email to dad earlier but in case you didn't get it ill write a little repeat stuff. i got an email from the president of the guatemalan ccm and on the 17th d. todd christofferson will be at a "live and in person" devotional, not quite sure what that means but with no more than a hundred missionaries i hope that we will get a chance to shake his hand or something. way exciting! other than that not a whole lot happens here at the ccm, we eat food, study, go to the gym, and sleep. but i actually do like it here. also thank you guys so much for all of your letters, it honestly makes my day when i get to hear from you guys.

      Im trying to think of the music that gets stuck in my head here, surprisingly beck has been something that i sing to my self alot, maybe its because of some of the spanish that is in his song but me an a couple other guys on the floor have been known to start sing "ssooooooyyyyy uuun peerrrdddiiddoorrr, i'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me!" that and que onda quero, but im the only one who knows that one. what else, elder n is a huge killers fan, he was front row at the concert in orem, and so sometimes before we go to bed or at lunch we will sing miss atomic bomb, runaways, or battleborn. we got to keep ourselves entertained somehow. well my time is almost up, I spent too much time trying to send pictures. but before i go i want to ask a few questions.
1. how are all of you doing on the challanges i left you
2. do you guys like the WiiU? we have been trying to decide if it is a gimmick or not
make sure you guys are home on January 15th, tuesday from 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM because thats when my layover at LAX is so thats when i will get to call

Eli, I saw Jared K here at the MTC it was pretty cool to see a familiar face. good luck at school and study hard.

Buena Suerte!

Elder Schriever